5 Tips to Prevent Malware Infections

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Do you have random music or videos playing on your browser? Is your browser getting slow? Do you find important files missing from your computer? Has your default search engine changed to something you don’t recognize? If yes, then your computer is infected with a malware.

If you want to prevent malware from infecting your computer and taking over your online life, then you need to be vigilant when downloading stuff from the Internet. Let us have a look at 5 tips that will help prevent malware infections on your device.

How to Avoid Malware PC Infections

You don’t need to undergo any special training to learn to prevent malware infections. All you need is to follow these 5 tips and prevent malware.

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  1. Do not download from an untrustworthy source or those without digital signatures

You should never download any files or software that come from unknown sources or have no valid digital signature. Only if you know and trust the publisher, should you allow it to run on your computer.

  1. Never ever attempt to download illegal media

If you are planning to download illegal software or media, beware. Keygen, cracks and patches are the common methods of getting a computer infected. The attacker will simply rename a malware a popular software or movie or song and ask you to download it. Thus, you end up downloading a malware that picks up all your private details and lays it on a platter for the hacker to attack your personal accounts.

  1. Use an up-to-date and latest antivirus/malware

Make sure you install the best antivirus/malware software on your computer. It will make sure it does not allow any virus or malware from attacking your system. If your antivirus cannot prevent malware threats, then you need to upgrade your antivirus, firewall, host intrusion prevention system, etc.

  1. Be aware of spam emails and links

Never ever open an attachment without getting it scanned by your antivirus. Even if you know the sender, there can be a threat passed on from their system onto your system through mail. If you have the slightest doubt or think of it as a suspicious email or link, do not open it or click it.

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  1. Use common sense when online

If you are online, make sure you use common sense and trust your instincts. Never visit a site that you find suspicious or open a link that guides you to another page. Never disclose your real name or passwords to anybody on any site or forum. Exert caution when chatting with unknown people. Use passwords that are at least 8 characters long with special characters. Keep a backup of all your important files on a hard disk or upload it on a cloud. You can use two accounts on your computer. Keep the administrator account for important use and the other account to access the Internet for daily use. Repairing a user account is simpler than taking care of a corrupted admin account.

These are 5 tips to prevent malware infections. You are the first person who will allow the malware threats to take over your computer. Thus, always be vigilant when browsing on the Internet. Use the best antivirus and malware protection for your computer. Be proactive in keeping the computer free from destructive infections and keep the web a safe place for work and play.


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