Activating the UAN

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For activating the UAN or the Universal Account Number, previously one had to visit the official website of the EPFO. But with the advancement in technology, one can now easily activate the UAN either with the help of mobile application or with the help of a SMS. For getting the details of the PF within a short period of time, recently a service of missed call has been added to it. Today, it is also possible for the people to check the status of their UAN in a hassle free method.

Activation of the UAN with the help of mobile application

For getting the mobile application, one will have to first visit the Google Play Store for downloading the UAN Activation Mobile App. This is the easiest and also the safest thing one can do for the activation of the UAN. It is to be kept in mind that there are many other links and apps available for doing the same but they are not marked to be safe. So, it is recommended to download and use the mobile app of Google play store that has been mentioned above. The categories that are mentioned below can get advantage from this app.

  • Employees can receive the credit alerts along with the details of the PF balance.
  • Pensioners can have an access to the disbursement details of the pension.
  • The employer can track down the Remittances of the Provident Fund.

UAN Number             UAN Registration              UAN Status

The mobile app can be downloaded by clicking on the link-

UAN activation through SMS

One can use the method of sending an SMS for activation of the UAN if the method mentioned above is not in use. The manner in which one can send the SMS is given below

EPFOHO ACT, <<12 Digit UAN Number>>,<<22 digit MemberID>>to 7738299899.

It is to be remembered that there is no comma before and after in the SMS that is sent for Activation of the UAN.

Facility of the Missed Call for the Activation of the UAN

The members who are registered with the EPFO can give a missed call to 011-22901406. With the help of this missed call, the member will be able to get the details of the latest and also of the PF balance if the UAN of the member has been seeded either with a bank account number, Aadhar card number or the PAN card number.

Hence, with the steps mentioned above, one will be easily able to activate their UAN through the help of SMS, mobile application and through the new service of the missed call. The service of receiving the details of the PF with the help of the UAN had made the citizen’s life easier. Thus the ones, who have not yet activated their UAN should do it immediately as the method of activation has become much easier. It should be activated so that they can receive the alerts as well as the details of PF which the UAN provides the people and the members having it.

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