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Ad Aware Free Antivirus for Your Ultimate Protection:

Ad-Aware has had its own share of ups and down over the past, and at some point, it was almost shimmying in and out of relevancy in today’s malware protection needs. However, latest versions of its antimalware protection tools has seen overall improvements, signifying that Lavasoft is aiming to reclaim its throne as top internet security honcho. Ad-Aware was introduced in 1999 as a web beacons warning tool.

It used to warn users of web beacons or the tiny, invisible images that are used by advertisers in order to track online activities. Ad-Aware then evolved to become antispyware tool before it dipped its fingers in the area of antivirus by offering fully pledged antivirus that is capable of fighting all sorts of malware.

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Among the impressive features are its superfast antivirus engine, which works alongside the legendary antispyware technology earlier introduced by Lavasoft. You have two engines working together to help in blocking malware ranging from the traditional viruses to even the most complex spyware attacks. Since the engines can seamlessly work together, there is no imminent conflicts, which can arise when they are protecting your device.

There are no even slowdowns, which are typically associated with multiple separate programs running from one device. Through its automatic updates, the software stays atoll the present threats on the internet ensuring that your files and PC are protected from the ever-sprouting web threats. When you are downloading files from the internet, you are presented with different threats including the possibility of installing harmful codes into your computer.

To keep you protected from these threats, Ad-Aware scans all your downloads from the internet and especially from the torrent sites and the ones from the peer-to-peer networks. Such files from these sites could easily be loaded with secrete cargo malicious ware that can harm your computer or steal confidential details.

It has become common for internet criminals to target the commonly downloaded media such as latest movies by contaminating them with harmful files that can easily land into your computer. The Ad-Aware automatically scans your downloads to ensure that any files you open in your computer are not infected. The tool is able to detect malware from downloads before it is even launched.

With a real-time malware protection, the tool quarantines all infected files and prevents them from damaging or hacking your computer. Besides, this tool offers Safe Browsing feature, which allows it to scan for the known bad URLs as well as other websites. This is a viable way of protecting yourself when you are using the internet from the newest malware that are being distributed.

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The Safe Browsing engine will constantly check sites against reported malware-invaded sites from a constantly updated list. The update is done in every 5-20 minutes, and this offers real time protection in your browsing experience. URLs of websites are carefully screened and scanned in real time, and if you click a harmful link as you browse the Net, or when reading your email, the Ad-Aware safe browsing tool will immediately warn you of the risk status. You can make a decision where to visit the site or terminate your action.

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