All about UAN

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The UAN or the Universal Account Number is often heard when the question of the EPF or the Employee’s Provident Fund arises. The Universal Account Number or the UAN is a special number that is provided to every individual for the reason of the multiple member-ids that gets issued by the different organizations. The ones who yet does not have the UAN should immediately register for it for availing the benefits that are only possible with the UAN.

Need for linking the Multiple Member Identification Numbers

The major objective behind linking the identification numbers is for assisting and helping the member in viewing the details of the Member Identification Numbers that has been linked to it. It is to be noted that a person who is already having the UAN number should provide it to the organization under which he is taking up a new job. With this, the new employer can then link up the Member Identification Number to the Universal Identification Number that has already been issued.

UAN Registration       UAN Activation        UAN Status

Benefits from UAN

  • The transfer of PF has almost become a hassle free task with the UAN as all the accounts of PF have the same UAN.
  • Even if one shifts from one job to another throughout his entire career, his UAN remains the same.
  • With the help of the UAN, one can withdraw, view and also transfer his EPF balance, can claim and the check the status of his transfer, can update the documents of the KYC and can also download the UAN Card.
  • With the deposit of every PF, the employees receive a notification through SMS.
  • With the help of the UAN, one can also apply for the online transfer of the PF.
  • With the UAN, the transfers and withdrawal of the EPF has become a lot easier.

Accessing the details of the UAN

Now, one can access the details of their individual UAN by logging in to the website of the UAN Member Portal. For getting directed to the needed website one can click on to the link of .

Steps to download the UAN card

  • After logging in to the above mentioned website, one should provide with their username and password.
  • From the option of download one has to click on the option of Download UAN Card.
  • One can either print the UAN card or save it after they have completed the downloading.
  • It is necessary for every individual today, to have the UAN or the Universal Account Number as there are quite a number of things that is only possible with the UAN.
  • The UAN is generated by the EPFO for every individual who contributes for the PF.
  • An individual can have only one UAN.
  • Now, the government has provided the citizens with the online facility of both generating the UAN and also activating it.
  • One can also check the status of his UAN through the online services or by visiting the website.
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