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AVG Antivirus – Key to Counter Malware and Virus:

This is an Anti-virus which is actually a renowned one. This anti-virus is doing pretty well and is the award owner of the “most downloaded anti-virus” of 2017 in CNET download center. It is said that more than 220 million users of personnel are protected by AVG anti-virus software as per the reviews. AVG is very powerful anti-virus software to perfectly protect the users’ computer from risks and damages. AVG is an able anti-virus system software which restricts harmful malware from the sites of .exe. It also protects the computer from Trojan, spyware and blocks the viruses. AVG is tremendously powerful for blocking the Melissa viruses and instantly blocks up the coming threats for the computer. The one who is using a personal computer or an android mobile phone and is thinking of preventing it from viruses, he or she can easily download AVG anti-virus system software and provide an immediate security to the phone or the personal computer. This anti-virus is known for great internet security. The new look of the AVG interface has four options; computer protected, identity protected, web protected, e-mails protected. This anti-virus is highly recommended by the users. for downloading the antivirus, you can click on to the link: https://www.avg.com/en-in/free-antivirus-download.

 AVG anti-virus key features:

  1. Computer Protection:

This option helps a user to quickly scan the computer for if there is any virus. The toolbar is also scanned and the computer performance is enhanced. The identity issues in the browsers are also fixed.

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  1. Web and E-mail Protected:

This is a facility which enables the anti-virus to scan the web addresses and restricts any kind of online threats for the computer. This system also scans links and all the emails that are being received by the personal computer or the mobile. It also has a spam filter that detects spam emails with all the harmful attachments containing in it.

For going through the customer reviews, you can click on to the link: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.avg.com .

How to download and install Free AVG anti-virus:

AVG anti-virus is free to install and it has a very quick process for being installed. There are few easy and simple steps which we can easily perform in order to install the software from the link and help our personal computer or mobile phones stay protected. These are following steps which one has to note down in order to download and install the AVG anti-virus to get the service.

  1. Go to the website of AVG anti-virus free download.
  2. Then, click on to the Free download option and wait for the “Save As” option to appear on the screen.
  3. Then, save the file home on the desktop.
  4. Then, double-click on the downloaded file which has been saved on the desktop and waits until the AVG installer appears on the desktop screen.
  5. Then, wait until the downloading of installation components is complete.
  6. Click on the CONTINUE option button under Welcome to AVG anti-virus free window.
  7. Click on the Install Basic option and wait until the Installation of AVG is completed up to 100%.
  8. The installation window is expected to close down automatically when the installation will be successful and then there must appear the logo of AVG anti-virus security.
  9. Then, the user will have to double click on the AVG icon from the desktop and then hopefully the AVG interface will open.
  10. To install it on the smartphone, the user should visit the respective app stores.

Statistics of the AVG anti-virus as per CNET download users:

CNET downloading rate of this software is rated as the very good anti-virus. The average user ratings for this AVG anti-virus is four (4). The website review says that this software has been downloaded for more than five hundred and sixty-two million times. According to all the present websites of the anti-viruses, AVG is known to the most famous anti-virus which serves the users really well and the users say that they are totally satisfied by the service of the anti-virus.


This anti-virus has got a very light weighted installation file and is very easy to install. This AVG has got excellent web protection techniques and powerful and perfect scanning engine which helps the personal computer or mobile phones stay away from malware and viruses. The free version of this software provides exact protection that is always advertised about the anti-virus. There come to no pop-ups on the computer screen while working for the selling of the paid versions.

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A user has to struggle a bit while upgrading to the higher version because it takes a lot of time in order to do so. Firstly the older version has to be uninstalled in order to get hold of the updated versions. Otherwise, it is a good one.

This anti-virus has been ranked in the second position by all the websites and is a very famous anti-virus which has been serving the computer users since 1992. The AVG free products have helped in raising awareness about the malware and it is successfully protecting the computers and smartphones of thousand users and beyond.

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