Good Flooring Types

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Which Flooring Type Is Good Among Marble, Granite Or Tiles?

There are various kinds of floors that a homeowner can choose for their house. They may include marbles, granite or even tiles. Having many options for your house, you need to select the best materials that would be able to portray a nice picture of your house.  A good flooring type should not only be pleasing to look at but also it should be durable. Before arriving at the flooring type a comparison of the most common flooring types is necessary to determine which flooring type is good among marble, Granite or Tiles.

For marble flooring, it has a good and appealing design pattern formed on the floor. The quality of marble becomes better and has limited spending power. It reduces the budget of the owner giving well-designed flooring styles with the little amount of money. It is durable. It can withstand a change of weight in the house. This means that it can endure any form of external pressure exerted on it. It gives an everlasting physical appearance. Marble flooring does not get older with time it maintains its initial appearance. This ensures that the maintenance cost is reduced.

False Ceiling                           Modular Kitchen

There are also disadvantages of marble floors. During the fixing of the marbles, there is a lot of waste generated when they are cut to fit well. This can add to the expense of installing a marble floor. The fixing of marble floor is time-consuming demanding skilled specialists and laborers. In terms of cleaning maintenance, a marble floor requires a specialist to bring out its quality. This will demand more capital from the owner.

Granite is a stone which is considered for flooring. It has many different grades giving the user varied options.  It is hard enough to ensure durability and it is moisture resistant. Granite being a natural product that is it is mined from the ground, it has no unhealthy chemicals.  Its manufacturing is simple and therefore cheap to acquire. Cleaning of the granite floor is very simple and easy hence there is no need for a specialist to clean it. It is also stain resistant giving a long lasting appearance for your house.

On the other hand, granite has disadvantages. Although it is moisture resistant it requires to be sealed well to gain efficacy of this attribute. It is not environmentally friendly because the stone is not renewable. There are some grades of granite that are soft and can get damaged easily. The system of grading granite is not well defined leaving you prone to choosing poor quality granite. In spite of granite being cheaply acquired its installation is very costly.

Tiles have a protective surface making them resistant to stains and water penetration. They are resistant to high humidity environments making them suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. They are extremely hard and difficult to crack. They have an average of fifteen years of quality installation.

In case of a single tile cracks, it is simple to replace the particular tile solely. Liquids, stains and dirt rest on the surface of the tile making it easy to clean. They have a variety of modern designs and also they can be shaped into different shapes. They have a moderate price that is quite affordable. It does not retain heat giving comfort during summer.

On the negative side of tiles, they are hardly making them uncomfortable to step on. Also, they do not retain heat meaning that on the winter or cold seasons it can become extremely cold.

Generally, it is advisable to choose a flooring type that gives the best out of your efforts in terms of both appearance and durability. Maintenance of the installed floor should be considered to ensure you choose a floor that you are able to clean. The design of the flooring type should be outstanding to give a decorative attribute for your house.

The selected flooring design should be environmentally friendly. The pricing of the flooring type should be pocket-friendly although cost should not be the turning point. According to the above-discussed flooring types, tiles have proven to be more preferable. They are durable, easy to maintain, moderate pricing, a variety of designs and also suitable in many environments including kitchens and bathrooms.

False Ceiling & Its Advantages

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False Ceilings: What is a Suspended Ceiling

 Suspended ceiling refers to a ceiling hovering some distance below the actual main ceiling. It is an important aspect because it provides adequate space for easy access to all the wiring and existing ducts in a roof.  Suspended ceilings are also preferable as they make a room alteration process easier compared to other types of ceilings.

They can also be referred to as ceilings that are suspended. This is because they hang a little bit closer to the floor just below the main ceiling. There is a space that is hollow separating topmost ceiling, which is original and the suspended or false ceiling.

Good Flooring Types                   Modular Kitchen

Structure of a False Ceiling:

False ceilings are constructed using steel tiles and then suspended using the framing roof joints. Since there is a gap existing between a ceiling of one room and a floor of a different one, the noise is very much reduced as it first travels through the ceiling gap. Some of the ceilings are built using acoustical tiles. Such tiles play a vital role in restricting sound transmission hence are able to absorb any sound that goes through them.

The suspended ceiling hangs from numerous resilient metal wires normally placed below the first original ceiling. The steel tiles are supported by the grid frame of metals that are placed across the room breadth. This enables the tiles to remain suspended on the roof. Molding is afterward connected to a wall found in the same space in a room. The remaining grid is often supported by wires that are hanging. The molding walls are essential in offering support.


Removal of suspending ceiling is as easy as fitting them. During removal, one needs to slide the panels holding the suspended ceiling and the original ceiling together. The suspended ceiling is now disconnected from the original roof and the fabricated roof is removed easily from the inventive roof.


Apart from false ceilings being sound proof they have other beneficial features such as hiding disordered cables as well as hiding insulators and the messy pipes. Most companies use fabricated ceiling fit HVAC systems which support and purify the air.

Despite wiring and wire purification system not being visible, they are easily accessed through slipping away the panels and replacing the panels of the false ceiling back after the completion of work intended to be done. Fabricated ceiling constructions are easy to install and cheaply affordable when compared to traditional ceilings.


False ceilings are efficient and easily affordable but also have shortcomings. Some of the tiles used over a period of time are easily susceptible to decay and this may result in unappealing yellow colorations that end up ruining the intended room design. False ceilings are not as buoyant as the traditionally fitted ceilings hence they have to be replaced after a period of a few years, this makes them expensive to maintain.

False ceilings are more susceptible to water damage and any sorts of stains. This is due to additional moisture present in the atmosphere. Sometimes, the false ceiling is important for buildings that have high ceilings. This creates a cramped and enclosed feel in standard-sized housings.

Importance of Continuous Ceilings

Continuous ceilings are vital in ensuring fire safety. One of the major benefits of selecting suspended ceilings over open plenum ceilings is that they have the advantage of controlling fires. A suspended ceiling represents a performance percentage of room’s surfaces and is plays a great role in controlling the spread of fires within a building in the event of a fire breakout.

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Physical Barrier

Underwriters Laboratories fireproof ceiling acts as a barrier between elements used for building services such as piping and ductwork from the space occupies below. An Underwriters Laboratory ceiling is advantageous has it has a specified period for fire resistance.

 Sprinkler Activation/ Smoke Detector

Where the suspended ceiling is fixed at a suitable ceiling height, it facilitates smoke detection in a room and also sprinkler systems are activated faster. This ensures that residents of a home receive an early warning when a fire breaks out and sprinkler systems respond to much smaller fires.

Due to the importance attached to suspended ceilings, it is encouraged that homeowners hire technicians that are experienced to install the ceiling in their house. Hiring a qualified personnel will help improve the integrity of your ceiling and reduce the risk of breakdowns in the future.

Modular Kitchen & Latest Designs

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What Is A Modular Kitchen? 

 Modular kitchen is used to describe a modernized type of kitchen fixtures layout which is made up of segments cabinets consisting of materials that are diverse. They are used for holding equipment inside. It promotes the proper use of available kitchen space and also prevents cluttering of kitchen equipment.

Overall a kitchen is a very essential place used in food preparations. They can either be found at home or at commercial establishments. Currently, there are numerous kitchen designs that have come up. They are important and useful in keeping the kitchen fashionable and presentable. The uprising trend of the modular kitchen has influenced many. People are adapting to the style, therefore, making the necessary changes to their caboose interior.

Good Flooring Types                  False Ceiling

Different Type Of Kitchen Designs:

This trend of modular kitchen is vital since it helps in keeping the kitchen clean thus avoiding food poisoning and various diseases. It provides enough space for the plates, spoons, knives, and cups to be properly stored. It greatly prevents contamination. A place used for cooking requires a great deal of hygiene. This the main reason why the modular kitchen designs have become so popular.

The concept of modular kitchen revolves around the pre-made cabinets. Kitchen space, the set purpose, and requirement of the user greatly determines the reassembling of the breakfronts. When we compare the current modular kitchen designs to our old kitchen designs. The modular has numerous advantages.

The designs are determined by the space, width, height, comfortability, convenience, and clearance. The designs involve

  • One way gallery
  • Two-way gallery
  • L shaped kitchen
  • U shaped kitchen
  • Island kitchen

One way gallery kitchen:

It is also known as a straight line. This is the simplest type. It is just a slim space in a single gallery. All the units and kitchen appliances are set up beside the other on the wall. It gives an efficient and effective streamlined appearance that is presentable.

Two-way gallery kitchen:

It is also known as double gallery kitchen. This considered being the extensive style of the straight line. The layout here is all about facing walls forming the kitchen space. The distance separating the two walls must be adequate enough. This aspect is vital in that the cabinets do not crash into each other, the appliances or fixtures on the other gallery side while operating in the kitchen.

L shaped kitchen:

This has a greater advantage since it provides the needed necessary can be used by a family during meals eating or during other bonding activities with the family. It provides enough adequate space for more than a single individual to operate in the kitchen.

U shaped kitchen

It is the most effective and efficient designs solutions. They provide the most plentiful space for cabinets placement around the room. Thus providing adequate storage space.starage is an important vital part of the kitchen .therefore storage solution is a great advantage. The appliances are kept properly.

Island kitchen

This is a design whereby the kitchen is a room in itself. Therefore providing more than adequate space for the cabinets’ placement. Here a lot of careful and keen planning is needed to ensure that the available space isn’t wasted or misused. People with this design are at a greater advantage even if the cabinet installation cost is more expensive as compared to other designs.

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For numerous Indian homes, a good space for storage and plenty floor space is ideal. The first kitchen priority should be adequate storage for the food. The food mostly dictates its storage necessity. For examples, vegetables are to be stored away from the oven or the hob. Most of the cutlery should be stored below the worktop. All these simple rules have been there and are not new. The cabinets just make the arrangements much easier.

When you want to install the modular kitchen design, you should first consult an expert in the field and afterward choose the best option for your kitchen. The cabinets must be properly since the kitchen is a very sensitive and vital house area. These modular kitchen designs have more advantages, therefore, people should easily adapt them. They are durable depending on the material used to create them. Thus can serve a person for a very long not forget to always keep them clean and well organized.