SAP & SAP Modules

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What is SAP And Different Modules in SAP?

SAP stands for Systems, Applications and products in the data processing. SAP is the 4th largest company in the world. The main goal of this software development is to integrate all the areas of a business. SAP helps to build common sharing system among the business and executes from multiple locations using SAP credentials. The ERP system of the SAP designed with multiple modules and there is a flexibility to integrate most of them.

The SAP software suite come up with the engineering re-design process. The end goal of this software module is to give a better performance in financial, logistic, distribution, inventory systems. The logical functionality of the SAP system took years of development process to bring out standard results.  After successful running of SAP R/3, developers enter into the customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Now these two revolutionary softwares are core elements in the retail and sales markets. Everywhere the usage of this software goes viral. There are number of modules exist in SAP, each module have its own significant part in the business sector.

The functional modules of SAP are,

  1. FICO –Financial & controlling
  2. PP – Productions Planning
  3. MM – Material Management
  4. SD – Sales & Distribution
  5. HR – Human Resource

SAP Technical Modules,

  1. ABAP – Advanced business applications programming
  2. XI – Exchange Infrastructure
  3. Basis
  4. BIW – Business information Warehousing

What is SAP FICO?

SAP Financial Accounting (FI) & CO (Controlling) is one of the important modules in ERP. The major part of the FI comes under records, collects, process and financial transactions.  CO covers the management decisions and controlling.

What is SAP MM?

SAP Material Management is another module in ERP software and it deals with the procurement and functionality of the inventory in day to day business operations. MM covers several aspects like purchasing, goods receiving, material storage and consumption based planning and inventory.

What is SAP PP?

Production planning module deals with the planning and controlling of the manufacturing activities of the company. Data configuring and manipulating various types of data in a proper systematic manner are come under PP.

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SAP sales Distribution module is used to plan and control the activities of a company manufacturing department. This module majorly deals with the handling and distribution of shipment to the customers. Billing process, invoice generation for delivery also handle in this module.

What is SAP HR?

Human resource management manages to the employee payrolls and their life cycle, service etc.

Advantages with SAP:

  1. SAP software manages all modules in the business.
  2. Avoids data duplication.
  3. Project monitoring automations and multi dimensional reporting system.
  4. Complete planning; processing, development and control can perform under one roof.
  5. Value based customer service can be done easily with the help of SAP modules.
  6. Various types of architectures give flexibility to change the business model accordingly.
  7. Another most important thing is, cost effective business management and service delivery can be done in a flexible way.

Recover Deleted Files from PC

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Best Way to Recover Deleted Files from Your PC

Deletion of wanted files accidentally may happen, when a mass deletion occurs or wrong selection of file formats. In such situations with having basic knowledge on computers we can take a better solution to recover the deleted files. If we delete files normally, they will move to the recycle bin, from there we can retrieve the files or else if we accidentally press permanent delete then have to do something more. For recovery deleted files, just all you need to do is, follow the instructions below, and then you can manage to recover deleted files easily,

Recovering deleted files:

Before go through it, once check your recycle bin, whether the deleted files exist or not. If you found in recycle bin, then restore from there otherwise don’t worry. Just go to actual file location, from where they are deleted and right click mouse and check with ‘ Restore previous version’, you may able to bring back your deleted files from the previous date. Still files are not found? Not to worry!  After deleting a file from your computer, the deleted file space remains empty and it will not replace or overwrite with other files, until there is no enough space. That means, out of 100MB if you delete 50MB file, then that 50MB will remain empty until other 50MB space will fill with other files. so, if you download 30MB file will be allocated space from other 50MB only . Not from the deleted file space.

Steps to recover:

First of all don’t save or download any new file. Deleted files may remain same in the deep storage of HDD only. There are number of free recovery software’s available, just go through free recovery software’s and try to check for the files which are you want. There might be a chance to extract from there, in few cases digging for deleted files may take time, but in most of the cases it will give a chance to recover it.

Any file restoration software will not give complete data on free, you have a chance to recover few files for free and for remaining files recovery need to purchase licensed file recovery software. File location based searching and retrieving will be helpful to restore required files. We can recover deleted files from any location of the computer. Files deletion on permanent base may not happen at time. Since the storage space of the deleted files takes replacement with new filed, those will remain same.

Any type of files like documents, images, videos etc can recover using advanced recovery software. Most likely users prefer to recover documents which are important. In fact files recovery now a day become more popular. So, it is better to take your chance and grab best way of approach to recover files. Few of the software come up with retrieving files from other devices too, like mobile phones, laptops etc. Everywhere using basic approaches we can recover the deleted files.

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Credit Card Score

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Improve Your Credit Card Score In A Better Way

Are you searching for best ways to know to improve your credit card score? Then, here is the solution; in fact there are a lot of solutions for this question. You can get the most desirable solution here. The best one is, know and cut off all your unnecessary spending like shopping, dining etc. If you are unable to control you spending, then it will leave you a nightmare. So, better don’t suck into such financial risks. List of monthly budget and maintenance expenditure along with all you monthly debits have to pay. Spend income accordingly and keep some amount for savings. This approach gives good returns to you in few months. More over this will give you a way to stick to a monthly budget.

Self Analysis

CIBIL Defaulter List                    CIBIL FAQ’s             

Credit Card Benefits                   CIBIL Score

By preparing a monthly budget will give clear idea about monthly expenses and how much amount spending unnecessarily. At the same time it will give a chance to cut off all unwanted things from the list then you can take our useful and need budget for your family. Keep on tracking your credit report frequently, this will allow you to analyze you credit score and spending history. Such thinks will give lead to improve credit reputation in a positive way. If you are already become a defaulter at credit card identity theft, then keep it in mind and do necessary action towards it. This will may reduce the risk factor and help to improve credit card reputation as well. Paying off debits will boost your credit score.

Once clearing the due amounts, do not close the account, why because this credit card account will give you a chance to improve credit score. Mean while make sure you are not spending on any unnecessary things using credit card. At the same time pay credit card monthly dues on time and make sure your credit history was is clean and clear.

Credit card score improvement depends on how speed you can able to clear your credit card dues. If you clear your credit card due as quick as you do, in the same way your credit card score will grow. Keep in contact to the credit card department when you in a defaulter state will give a chance to come out of it after clearing the due amounts quickly.

Spending using credit card doesn’t make sense in most of the situations. The reason behind it is, due to situation demand or else no concern about money spends at that moment. Such cases it is better to carry liquid amount to avoid unnecessary spending or else to take a better step to save the money. In fact there are more options to build your credit score. The best thing have to keep in mind is, spending wisely and repaying will give the best scope to increase the credit score. Once we got defaulter stamp, then overcome it is like unexplainable. So, better don’t jump into to the loop, try to be in a safe side.

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ICloud storage

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How to access iCloud storage From Multiple devices?

The iCloud keeps all your digital life things at a place. The iCloud can store the information like music, videos, documents and other format files. With the help of iCloud you can store any information and can access from anywhere anytime. To get such a flexible storage space, user need to enable iCloud OS in your system and Mac book or mobile. First of all, need to install iCloud software which can enable the streamline for data backup. The iCloud will link up with your apple Id when setting device upgrades. If there is any doubt, just go to help guide and do follow the installation process.

Select the service which you want to access through iCloud

The iCloud Drive: By enabling this, allow you to access and store your files in iCloud. It can be accessed through your other devices which are connected. If you want to access iCloud through your Mac book, then you need to be install ‘Yosemite’ on your Mac.

Popup Blocker                                 Parental Control             

Privacy Software                             Firewall Software       

Internet Security Software           Corporate Security Software      

Cloud Computing            Password Managers            Encryption Software

Photos: Type of photos you need to access and how need to store the files in iCloud. The default option allow to ‘My photo Stream’, this will allow you to store all your pictures and can be view for thirty days from any of the connected devices.

Mail, Contacts: Auto syncing of all your mails and contacts can be done by enabling auto sync option available in iCloud options (You can find at the time of installation.).

Calendar, Reminders: Each of this option allow user to auto sync the calendar and schedule information and keep tracking for mater as reminder etc. All you need to do is, just build a strong Backing for alerts.

Back-up: Most of the iCloud free account users prefer to auto backup of all their device data. This will allow user to build a strong backup storage location which will help to access anytime from anywhere. Additional flexibility is to access from multiple devices which are connected to the same iCloud account.


Installation procedure for widows iCloud is also remain same like accessing with windows will give few additional tools to access iCloud easily. As like mobile installation and registration, all have to perform in windows too, but there is a small difference while choosing options which have to access. Everything have to enable manually, all are come with options, based on privacy and settings which need by the user, have to follow the options and need to click.

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Mac book

Options for Mac book also remain same with slight changes in choosing options for auto syncing and connectivity issues. Everything have to do is, just follow the instructions and check for maximum options to avail for storage. It is better to access complete storage options through number of devices connected under one apple ID.There is a complete demo on how to use the iCloud storage and how can we connect from multiple devices to a single apple ID. This demo will give complete knowledge on how to enable and use iCloud storage.

5 Tips to Prevent Malware Infections

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Do you have random music or videos playing on your browser? Is your browser getting slow? Do you find important files missing from your computer? Has your default search engine changed to something you don’t recognize? If yes, then your computer is infected with a malware.

If you want to prevent malware from infecting your computer and taking over your online life, then you need to be vigilant when downloading stuff from the Internet. Let us have a look at 5 tips that will help prevent malware infections on your device.

How to Avoid Malware PC Infections

You don’t need to undergo any special training to learn to prevent malware infections. All you need is to follow these 5 tips and prevent malware.

Anti Virus Uses                               Antivirus Software       

AVG Antivirus                                Ad Aware Antivirus

Avast Antivirus                                Panda Antivirus   

Anti-Spyware Antivirus                      Avira Antivirus

  1. Do not download from an untrustworthy source or those without digital signatures

You should never download any files or software that come from unknown sources or have no valid digital signature. Only if you know and trust the publisher, should you allow it to run on your computer.

  1. Never ever attempt to download illegal media

If you are planning to download illegal software or media, beware. Keygen, cracks and patches are the common methods of getting a computer infected. The attacker will simply rename a malware a popular software or movie or song and ask you to download it. Thus, you end up downloading a malware that picks up all your private details and lays it on a platter for the hacker to attack your personal accounts.

  1. Use an up-to-date and latest antivirus/malware

Make sure you install the best antivirus/malware software on your computer. It will make sure it does not allow any virus or malware from attacking your system. If your antivirus cannot prevent malware threats, then you need to upgrade your antivirus, firewall, host intrusion prevention system, etc.

  1. Be aware of spam emails and links

Never ever open an attachment without getting it scanned by your antivirus. Even if you know the sender, there can be a threat passed on from their system onto your system through mail. If you have the slightest doubt or think of it as a suspicious email or link, do not open it or click it.

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  1. Use common sense when online

If you are online, make sure you use common sense and trust your instincts. Never visit a site that you find suspicious or open a link that guides you to another page. Never disclose your real name or passwords to anybody on any site or forum. Exert caution when chatting with unknown people. Use passwords that are at least 8 characters long with special characters. Keep a backup of all your important files on a hard disk or upload it on a cloud. You can use two accounts on your computer. Keep the administrator account for important use and the other account to access the Internet for daily use. Repairing a user account is simpler than taking care of a corrupted admin account.

These are 5 tips to prevent malware infections. You are the first person who will allow the malware threats to take over your computer. Thus, always be vigilant when browsing on the Internet. Use the best antivirus and malware protection for your computer. Be proactive in keeping the computer free from destructive infections and keep the web a safe place for work and play.



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What is Computer Cache and How to Clear?

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Many people will advise you to clear your cache and speed up your computer. Some may even tell you it a wise idea to clear cache as it improves your online security. However, most of us will definitely wonder what a computer cache is and how to clear it, if we are not tech-savvy.

Let us understand what is computer cache and how to clear it from the following paragraphs.

What is Cache?

Cache is pronounced as ‘cash’ and not ‘cashay’ or ‘catch’. Cache is defined as a specialized form of computer memory. When you talk about Internet, it is usually the ‘Internet Cache’ that we talk about.

Clear Browsing History

So, what makes cache so special? Well, those who designed browsers assumed that your Internet connection is slow. Or maybe they thought your computer was faster than the Internet. Also, they realized most of the data on websites contains the same elements. For example, an image of the CEO of the company or even the logo of the webpage remains constant every time you open the same website.

The expert designers thought why waste the users time on a slow Internet connection by downloading the same elements on every page which they visit often? It is better to download these elements once and for all and store it on the computer’s hard disk. Thus, next time the user visits a page again, it will be faster to upload the constant elements from the computer hard disk than download it again from the Internet.

Is There a Limit on the Amount of Cache Stored on a Computer?

The cache stored on your computer has certain limit. You can configure the amount of space for storing cache. So, every time the cache gets full, the information that is not used in a while is deleted. Thus, making more room for new information that you start looking for.

How do I Clear Cache?

Deleting cache is usually done when one worries about their privacy. This is usually the case when one uses a public computer and does not want to leave confidential information on the computer. The following steps will help explain how to clear cache in different browsers.

Clearing Cache on Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Tools menu, click Delete Browsing History
  2. Check on the boxes that says Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History
  3. Click Delete

Clearing Cache on Firefox

  1. Go to Select Options
  2. Select Advanced tab
  3. Click Network tab
  4. In Offline Storage, click Clear Now

Clearing Cache in Chrome

  1. Go to History and click on Clear browsing data tab
  2. Click on the Empty the cache box
  3. In the drop-down menu, set it to The beginning of time. This will clear the entire cache
  4. Click Clear browsing data tab
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Once you clear the cache, it means the browser will now download fresh information of every page you visit. The browser will start developing its cache from scratch as it loads and re-loads pages. This was all about what is cache and how to clear it. This information will definitely help clear things up on your end.


How to Clear Browsing History

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Whenever you browse the Internet over your computer, every site you visit or view is saved to the cache. This is because things saved to the cache makes it easy to load data faster as the data comes from your hard drive and not from the server. However, cache does take up a lot of hard drive space, and space crunch is something we ought to avoid. In some cases, you do not want certain sites to pop up in your browsing history for whatever reason good to you. If you are wondering how to clear browsing history, we will show you how.

Continue reading as we show you how to clear your Internet browser history on various browses.

How to Clear Browsing History on Internet Explorer

Let us begin with the history stored on Internet Explorer. Those using IE 7.0 and above need to press Alt key to access the File Menu bar. Or you could also press Ctrl+H and directly open the history bar.

If you are using IE 6.x, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open IE browser
  2. Toolbar à Tools Menuà Internet Options
  3. Settings à View Files

Now, in order to view your history in IE 7 and above you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open IE browser
  2. Tools à General Tab à Browsing History à Settings
  3. Temporary Internet Files à View Files

Computer Cache Clear

When it comes to deleting the browsing history in IE 6 and above:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Toolbar à Tools à Internet Options
  3. Clear Browser History à Delete Files à OK

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 and above,

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Tools à Internet Options à General tab à Browsing History-à Delete
  3. Check all the boxed of data you wish to clear
  4. Click Delete

How to Clear Browsing History on Microsoft Edge

If you are a Microsoft Edge user, you can view the history as follows:

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge Browser
  2. Select Hub button on the top right-hand corner
  3. Select History and view the browser history
  4. You can even press Ctrl + H and open browser history

Deleting browser history on Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge browser
  2. Press Ctrl + H à Clear All History
  3. Choose the appropriate boxes of data you wish to clear
  4. Clear

Or you could even:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge browser
  2. Select Hub button on the top right-hand corner
  3. Select History and view the browser history
  4. Select Clear all history
  5. Choose the appropriate boxes of data you wish to clear
  6. Clear

How to Clear Browsing History on Mozilla Firefox

Users of Mozilla Firefox can view their browsing history as follows:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. If you have a home page set, click History button present at the bottom of browser window
  3. If you do not have a home page set, press Ctrl + H and open history bar present on the left-hand side of the screen or Ctrl + Shift + H to open the history window.


You can use the Hamburger Menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the top of the right-hand corner. Select the History button in the menu.

To delete history in the Firefox browser:

  1. Open Firefox browser
  2. Ctrl + Shift + Del and open Clear Recent History window
  3. Select Time Range to Clear
  4. Click Details and select the options you wish to clear
  5. Click Clear Now

Alternately, you can:

  1. Open Firefox browser
  2. Click Menu à History à Clear recent history à Time range to clear à Details à Clear Now
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How to Clear Browsing History in Google Chrome

You can view your history in Google Chrome by clicking on the Wrench icon or Menu icon on the top-right hand side of the browser. Click History. Or you can even press Ctrl + H and open a left-side history bar.

If you need to delete the history in Google Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Press Cntrl + Shift + Del à Clear Browsing Data window à Clear browsing data

Or, you can even:

  1. Click on the Wrench icon or Menu icon and select More tools
  2. Choose the appropriate boxes of data you wish to clear
  3. Select Clear browsing data
  4. Here you can select how far you wish to delete the history, the past hour, the past day, the past week, the last four weeks, and the beginning of time.
  5. Select the type of history you wish to clear by checking or unchecking boxes on the list provided
  6. Click Clear browsing data and clear your browser history

How to Clear Browsing History in Opera

Opera users can open the Opera browser and click on the upper left-hand corner of the window. Here, from the dropdown menu you can select History. Or you could simply press Ctrl+H.

To delete the history,

  1. Open the Opera Browser
  2. Click ‘Opera’ button in the top left-hand corner
  3. Select History à Clear browsing data
  4. You can click the down arrow next to Obliterate the following items and select the beginning of time.
  5. Check the data boxes as you feel appropriate and click Clear browsing data.

How to Clear Browsing History in Safari

To view the history in Safari, you can open the History button in the browser menu. Here you will be able to view the last 10 web pages lasted visited. You will also find a menu option for 6 or 7 days, listing of the web pages for those days. In Safari, by default, the history is only stored for the last 7 days.

To delete the history in Safari, you can:

  1. Open the Safari browser
  2. Open the Safari Menu à Clear History and Website Data àClear drop down list
  3. Select option for how far you wish to delete, the last hour, today, today and yesterday, or all history.
  4. Click Clear History to clear history as well as cookies and data.

Another way to do it is by:

  1. Clicking on the Gear icon the top right-side of the browser button
  2. Click Reset Safari and a window will open with different boxes related to different data. Uncheck boxes you do not wish to delete and then click the Reset

How to Clear Browsing History on Netscape

You can view history on Netscape Internet browser by clicking on Edit à Preferences à History on the toolbar. Locate Folder containing your files and double click it to check your browser history.

To delete the history,

  1. Open Netscape Internet browser
  2. Go to Edità Preferences à History à Clear History
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Windows Movie Maker

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Windows Movie Maker (Windows XP) Still a Useful Video Editing Tool: 

For those users who need a free and lightweight video editor that is capable of editing videos the smart way, then the Windows Movie Maker for Windows XP is the right option. As part of the Windows Service Pack 2 update, Windows XP is shipped with Windows Movie Maker, and the latest version is 2.1. Windows Movie Maker is an extremely versatile and intuitive program, which is able to capture and edit videos from DV camcorder.

It has a task pane, which holds your hand right through the editing process thus making it easy for you to add audios, still pictures, transitions, video effects, and titles. With this latest version, it is capable of supporting real time pass-through of the analogue videos thus allowing users for example, to be able to pass videos from their VCR through the DV camcorder, right to their computer without having first to record the video to DV.

Recuva             You Cam            GIMP Software          Paint.Net Software

IrfanView Software            PhotoScape Software         Magic Camera

Windows live Movie Maker                  Zoner Photo Software

However, note that, not all camcorders will support this feature. Nonetheless, as you become more versed with the tool, you will realize that you are limited in some of the applications because it lacks features such as keyframeable audio levels and adjustable length transitions. All in all, the Windows Movie Maker 2.1 will offer an easy introduction about video editing to the neophytes and beginners especially those who use the Windows XP computers.

Considering that XP is still widely used despite the recent announcement by Microsoft that it was not longer going to support this operating system from end of April 2014, many users will have to cling of the operating system for sometime before they ditch it for other more recent operating systems like Vista and Windows 7. The Windows Movie Maker is a tool that will still remain in use for some time with the Windows XP platform.

When running your Windows XP program, you have many video editing choices, which can range from free tools to advanced paid programs. Considering the cost that come with the high-end video editing tools, it would still make sense to seek for a free or cheaper program that can still offer the editing functions you would want, and this makes the Windows Movie Maker a suitable option for those who do not want spend a lot.

The Movie Maker comes as part of Windows XP package. If you are a user who purchased Windows ZP prior to Service Pack 1, then you could be running Movie Maker 1.1. In order to be able to get the latest version, you simply need to make use of the Windows update feature. The good thing with the Version 2 of Movie Maker is that, it has incorporated competent video editing features that include title options, selection of transitions, and 2-D special effects.

In addition, there is one particularly fun feature that is called AutoMovie, which is able to automatically convert video footage right into MTV like music video by use of some selectable themes to help control the pace and style of the video footage. However, considering it is a free application, it means that Movie Maker may not aspire to compete with some mid range or high-end products.

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Recuva for Effective File Recovery

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Recuva for Effective File Recovery:

Recuva is a free and easy-to-use tool that users can use to recover deleted files from almost any sort of disk that is readable with Windows. This file undeleting tool makes it easy for you to restore lost files from hard drives, which use the NTFS system file format or some other formats like FAT and exFAT, which are used on USB sticks, music players, and storage cards. This tool is an effortless file recovery utility that features an attractive interface that you could navigate through easily, even during those times you are distracted by the fear of losing your important data.

Although it is a free software, it works pretty well that you would expect. Recuva does not seem to recover as many files of lost data as does its paid rivalry software the On Track Easy Recovery Professional. Recuva is available in two versions. There is the normal version, which you can install in your computer when you need to use, and there is a portable version, which can be installed on external drives and USB stick.

Windows Movie Maker           GIMP Software           Paint.Net Software

IrfanView Software            PhotoScape Software            Magic Camera

Windows live Movie Maker           You Cam            Zoner Photo Software

With the portable version, it offers some advantage in that you install it on external drives without overwriting the free space found in your hard drive, which could contain the same data you are trying to recover. However, both versions of the software work the same. There is a wizard interface that will ask you whether you would want to recover specific kinds of deleted files like music, emails, or pictures, or you would want the program to look for any, or all deleted files.

A users can choose whether to initiate a scan of specific drive, media card, or scan an entire computer. Besides, there is an option, which allows you to select, whether you have the time-consuming deep scan or just a quick scan. After the scan is completed, a list of deleted files will appear in the main window.

However, unlike the OnTrack Easy Recovery Professional, the Recuva is not able to preview PDF files. In the display of the deleted files, each file is flagged with different colors to indicate the ability in recovering them. For example, you have yellow, red, and green lights, which indicate whether the files could be possibly not be recoverable, have disappeared forever, or are recoverable, respectively.

Although the whole operation of the program is extremely smooth, users should consider learning some of the quirks before they use the tool. For instance, it could be misleading when users consider the light indicators because you could have a file marked with ‘red’ meaning that it cannot be recovered, yet that file could still be intact and probably recoverable. This can happen if the file you want to recover is overwritten with the same exact file but saved by another application.

Besides, Recuva also features another useful tool, which does the opposite of undeleting files. This feature actually deletes a file securely making it impossible for any other tool to recover it. In the option menu, a user is able to choose different options such as secure deletion of files using single pass overwriting, or options that can tell the program to perform an overwrite of data probably several times to make it secure from recovering it.

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Windows Live Movie Maker

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Windows Live Movie Maker for Ultimate Editing of Videos: 

In its first appearance, Windows Movie Maker came bundled with Windows Me. However, in Windows 7, the bundled movie maker application has been dropped and now there is a new one which features the word “Live” shoehorned within its name hence the name “Windows Live Movie Maker”. This application comes as a free download for user of Vista and Windows 7.

And, unlike VideoSpin by Pinnacle, the Windows Live Movie Maker is able to support both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 files as standard formats though only for purpose of imports. In case of exports, formats are limited to the own file format of Microsoft, which is WMV, but the template consist of 720 pixels and 1080 pixels.

Recuva            GIMP Software            Paint.Net Software

IrfanView Software            PhotoScape Software            Magic Camera

Windows Movie Maker            You Cam            Zoner Photo Software

When using this program, you can choose DVD from its sharing section and generate a WMV file format, which you can be able to, sent it over to your Windows DVD Maker. This authoring tool comes in different versions, which include Home premium for the home users, Ultimate version, and Professional version for Vista and Windows 7 users. In addition, you will have discs conforming to the 30 frame-per-second NTSC standard, instead of the 25 frame per second PAL format that is used mainly by European video cameras.

Windows DVD Maker can be able to generate PAL discs, but on the other hand, the Windows Live Movie Maker sends PAL discs to the wrong sort of file format. However, if you are a user who is not affected by such shortcomings, you will find this authoring tool a simple yet friendly editor that can do a lot for you.

It also has a revamped timeline that takes an inspirational design from the AppleiMovie, featuring a series of various thumbnails, which will span multiple lines like the word processor instead of the scrolling multi-track commonly used in other applications. Although this might seem unconventional, it still works pretty well.

When you examine the interface, it can be resized in order to give more space to the timeline and the preview window. However, this may be frustrating since other controls are bunched up right at the top part of the screen. You will have to do a bit of scrolling in order to be able to view all the effects available, the transitions, and the export templates.

With the editing option, it offers a collection of different attractive effects that can be applied with just a single click and in addition, it has a separate brightness control. Some of the controls you get are rotating clips, adding music, captions, animated intro titles, and end credits. There are also controls such as fading of soundtracks in and out.

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Although the WMV format that is supported by the Movie Maker may be limiting, it is actually a good choice since it is used in most of the video sites and video players such as YouTube. With this free download movie-editing tool, the users of Windows 7 and Vista operating systems are able to have an easy way of making creative and good-looking movies right from their videos and digital photographs.

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