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Enjoy more Fun in Video chats with Cyberlink YouCam:

A webcam effects and manipulation software, Cyberlink YouCam allows users to enjoy more fun in video chats and YouTube video sharing. Considering that all major instant messenger tools support video chats, perhaps what remains is to make the user experience more fun, and this is where Cyberlink YouCam comes in handy. This chat utility comes in two modes where one is used to liven up online live chats and another one is used to add some little extras on to video chats before sharing them online.

With the first mode, users are able to apply effects while they are chatting to their friends. Users can as well add distortion effects in order to make themselves look thinner, bigger, or perhaps plain quirky or weirder. Besides, there are also animated emotion effects that appear like cartoon captions.

The second mode of YouCam is a standalone mode that allows users to make use of their webcams in capturing videos as well as still images and adding effects on them. If you have a video you created, you could directly upload it from the YouCam right to YouTube. Similarly, if you have a film or footage that you would want to share privately, you may as well email it directly to your friends from YouCam.

In both modes, users can have a preview of their masterpieces in real time. This enables them decide whether there are aspects and features they are unhappy about after the effects and filters they have added. This can allow adjustment to be made before sharing the videos or images. With the tool, you could make your own custom avatar with added objects, expressions, and accessories.

There are also particle effects that could be added on to videos and they include things like confetti. A transformation effects allows users to put their face on to other backgrounds or objects, while a distorting effect allows the users to distort themselves. The tool works properly with most of the major instant messaging apps such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, and AOL instant Messenger.

Its monitoring capabilities are helpful in setting up your webcam on a record mode. This can be done at certain times of the day, or whenever something or some motion is detected. The surveillance features brings a set of options such as alerts by email if something is detected. A screen capture is ideal for those who would wish to make their own YouTube video like tutorials. This can be a handy tool for businesses as well as individuals.

You might use the advanced screen capture features to capture entire screen or one parts of the desktop that you are interested with. For more business applications, this tool can be used to import PowerPoint presentations. Besides, users can add in their own videos from their webcams, which could be used by those who wish to make a live-like presentation that hosts the people in the webcam as the narrators. This is also a useful feature for business people.

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One unique feature with the latest version is the convenient face login and log out. With this feature, users do not have to bother about aspects like typing their passwords and user names when they want to log in. All they need is direct their face towards their webcam, and with the face recognition tool, it scans the face, and lets you automatically log on . The same applied for log out. However, YouCam does not detect faces on webcams.

Magic Camera Virtual Webcam Software

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Transform Your Webcam Chat Experience with Magic Camera Virtual Webcam Software:

Magic Camera is a program designed by Shining Morning, and it is a shareware aimed at adding a variety of effects as well as overlays to webcam feeds, saved videos, screen capture window, and pictures. This cool webcam manipulation software is ideal for playing around on things like instant messaging applications that have the capability to support video chats including Skype Video, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and AOL instant Messenger.

With this tool, users are able to add cool looking backgrounds right on their webcam stream or change the overall appearance. Users may also use it to add foregrounds to webcam streams and add funny horns, mustaches or similar features to the face. You could use Magic Camera to effectively turn images into caricatures. This software is free to try however, the free version brings in aspects such as a watermark as well as a snag screen.

It is a software application, which is easy to use, though the effects it adds on user experience are runof-the-mill, meaning they are not out of ordinary of what you would get from other similar software products. It is a software, which comes with thousands of different effects, and which is much more than those that packed on the webcam driver.

Windows Live Movie Maker            GIMP Software         Recuva   

IrfanView Software            PhotoScape Software        Paint.Net Software    

Windows Movie Maker            You Cam            Zoner Photo Software

You could use this tool to record your webcam images and then upload them to video sharing network sites such as the Vimeo and YouTube.

Some of the main features include:

  • Visual filters and transformation effects
  • Webcam photo and image frames
  • Ability to add funny hats, noses, masks, and eyeglasses through webcam face tracking
  • Real time replacement of your webcam backgrounds with videos or pictures
  • Paint or doodle on webcam videos
  • Ability to type text directly on videos to chat with friends
  • Ability to add image and video overlays
  • Ability to add cool flash as well as GIF animation to webcams
  • Use of Webcam Picture in Picture

The interface has colorful and simple design, though it may not have that great attractive and intuitive look. The optional skins limit the ability to change the look of the design. The icons or buttons might be rendered at lower resolution than people are accustomed to seeing in other related graphics related sharewares.

This software offer a range of about 12 categories of effects, which include Filter, Frame, Distort, Scene, Flash, Text, Background, Mask, Animation, Picture in Picture, Emotion, and Paint. While Magic Camera software comes as shareware for use with the Windows operating system and platforms from the webcam software tools, it features a free trial period.

A demo is available to all users, and comes as a free download, but it has many restrictions and may not show all the features found in the full version tool. Some of the recent updates of Magic Camera software include compatibility with Windows 8 operating system. The main window shows a webcam display right above a panel for display of files but the phrases Help/FAQs seem to be placed awkwardly.

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Besides, there is also another attached panel, which is the height of the main windows. However, that panel features a different style in terms of its interface, and it only features a webcam selector in it. Users can set photos, video files, DVs, screens, TV cards as part of Magic Camera content and be able to broadcast them on other instant messaging video chats like Skype or broadcasting sites such as

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Anti Virus & Its Uses

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What Is Antivirus?

 An antivirus is a software used in the prevention, detection, and elimination of malware that attack a computer or mobile phone. The term malware is used to define attacks such as worms, viruses, Trojan horses and spyware. It was initially started to provide the necessary protection from other threats affecting a computer. The modernized versions of anti-viruses offer various kinds of malicious activities, ransomware, and keylogger, rootkits, worms, dialers, adware, Trojan horses, fraud tools, malicious LSPs, and spyware.

Some of the other products that are available in the market offer protection from infected and malevolent scam spam and attacks. They also provide protection from phishing, online privacy identity attack, and even advanced persistent threat.

Incidents of viruses attacking computers started in early 1949 when a scientist known own as John Von Neumann printed the theory of self-reproducing automata. The first sited computer virus was detected in 1971 and was called the creeper virus. This virus infected the digital corporation equipment mainframe computers that were running the operating system TENEX.

Ad Aware Antivirus       Anti-Spyware Antivirus        Antivirus Software

 Avast Antivirus             AVG Antivirus         Panda Antivirus          Avira Antivirus 

The creeper was first eliminated by a program known as the reaper, which was created by an individual Ray Tomlinson. The creeper was later trailed by others types of viruses developed. Before the internet was relatively popular, the viruses were initially spread by the floppy disks. However, as the internet use started growing, the viruses were now spread online. Many of the innovators have over the years competed on being the first to develop the antivirus.

Over the years there are several people who have developed some antivirus software. In 1987, John McAfee of USA founded anti-virus scan company known as McAfee Company. In Hungary, a security researcher developed the first Pasteur antivirus. Currently, the industry is facing some problems in detecting and dealing with the zero day attacks. However, they are trying to find other ways of dealing with the issues.

Bromium has developed micro-virtualization that enables the protection of desktops from the attacks of malicious execution code which is initiated by the user. As more viruses are being developed and the internet connectivity becoming popular, updating of antiviruses has become a necessity.

For antivirus companies to deal with the malware, they have to develop more multifarious algorithms. Recently antivirus softwares have adapted the use of different strategies, for example, network protection, specific email protection, low modules level protection, and detection algorithms looking at the increasing number of the various infective files. There are numerous reasons as to why this is done such as;

  • The powerful macros that are used in word processor bids such as Microsoft word. The viruses coders [writers] can use the present macros to write the viruses found within the documents. It means that the computers used could also be easily infected through the opening of the documents which have the macros.
  • The possibility that executable objects that are within the otherwise files that are non-executable can lead to risky situations in opening the files.
  • Email problems later on, in particular, the outlook Microsoft and express. These are highly vulnerable to the viruses within the email body in itself. A person’s computer could be easily affected by simply opening or even previewing a message.

How an antivirus functions

Traditionally, an antivirus software relies so much on signatures so as to enable malware identification. When a malware is detected, it is carefully analyzed by a team of researchers. Then afterwards, a proper type of monogram is developed and added onto the signature existing database of antivirus software.

It functions like the immune system. It has to scan your computer and device for signatures that are known to be malevolent. It sometimes matches the monogram malicious patterns and attempts to counterbalance it. It has to protect the computer against what is recognized to being harmful.

The problem is that the malwares cyber attacks are coming up so fast that antivirus innovators are finding a hard time keeping up with the development. The other way it functions is through behavior detection. It will not attempt to identify the malwares but will rather closely monitor the performance of the software, which has been installed on your computer.

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When a program tries to act suspiciously for instance trying to gain access into files that are protected or to go further as to modify a program, the antivirus is programmed to alert you. This approach has an advantage because it protects against even the new current malware.

The disadvantage comes in that it can bring about false warnings. As the computer user, you are allowed to desensitize those warning overtime. An antivirus is really important in securing your mobile device and computer. It is highly recommended for one to install it and use it properly. However, it is important to note that an antivirus cannot protect one from all types of malware. You should really be careful to what you expose your computer to.

Anti-virus tips:

You should obtain anti-virus from vendors who can be trusted. It is usually common practice for cyber attackers to fake programs of antiviruses that are malwares.

  1. Make sure you purchase the latest antivirus software, pay the subscription needed so as to frequently update the software. It’s advisable for you not to postpone the updates when you connect the computer to the internet.
  2. Ensure that you install antivirus scans for all the portable media like usb sticks, always make sure that the real time fortification is on.
  3. It’s recommended for one to pay attention to all the displayed warnings on your screen and alerts engendered by the antivirus software.
  4. Avoid uninstalling your antivirus or disabling it because you think it is affecting your computer speed or it prevents you from downloading and installing other programs. This practice exposes your computer to a lot of unnecessary risks.
  5. Avoid the installation of numerous anti-virus programs at the same time. This may cause the rising conflict of the programs therefore reducing their effectiveness
  6. It’s always good for one to recognize the original antivirus software. Many cyber attackers post fake but seemingly realistic antivirus warnings. If you click on them, they may damage your computer.
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GIMP Software

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GIMP software was established in the 1990s as an image manipulation program. This free and open source picture editing tool is evolving in both ease and complexity. The most current version, GIMP 2.8 has maintained the legacy of the program, which is powerful and properly updated. The program is modular in form and structure and allows all kinds of tools and plugins to be used. It’s also a drawing and painting tool. It is used in image retouching and processing batch files. The program is used in file conversions.

It is an all in one program with various sophisticated features such as layers, effects, and filters. You can easily script anything. This software package has considerable talents like its logical layout, its attractiveness, and intuitiveness. The program is effectively functional with a lot of assistance and help from multiple files.

Windows Live Movie Maker            Magic Camera         Recuva   

IrfanView Software            PhotoScape Software        Paint.Net Software    

Windows Movie Maker            You Cam            Zoner Photo Software

The freely distributed software is suitable for numerous tasks such as image composition, photo reattaching and image authoring. It is quite powerful having several capabilities that are not found in other software editing program products. The software renders several services; this includes simple paint, an expert in the field of quality image retouching program, a batch processing scheme that is online, an image render of mass production and a converter of image formats.

The modular is extensible and expandable. It has been planned to be augmented using extensions and plugins. The platform editor is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows operating system and GNU/LINUX. An ordinary person who knows nothing about photography can be able to create sophisticated images, which he or she can comfortably share with both family and friends.

Productivity can further be enhanced through various customization options. Users are given the flexibility and power to make transformation on images and therefore create images that are truly unique and personalized. The program can also be used with production icons, design graphical elements, and user art interface mockups and components.

GIMP has a framework of very high quality so as to enable manipulation of scripted images with the support of multiple languages such as Perl, scheme, C, and C++. It provides actual top notch management of color features. Therefore, there is an assurance of high fidelity reproduction of color across the printed and digital media. Best results can be obtained if you combine this software with other types of programs such as Inkscape, Swatch booker, and Scribes.

GIMP allows extensibility through combination with many programming linguistics including Perl, Python, and scheme. The results are high-level customization demonstrated by a huge number of plugins and scripts generated by the unrestricted.

When downloading the software you are advised to download the most current version that is available in the market. Ensure you make use of it appropriately and always update the program. When faced with some challenges consult an expert in the field. These pieces of advice will be helpful in carrying out the editing operation without many hurdles, interruptions, and delays. When the program operates swiftly, it well serves you well and effectively.

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 IrfanView is a compacted and potent program used in photo editing. It provides the necessary needed tools to add effects and some touch-ups to your pictures. The images generated by this program can be used on your desktop or laptop as wallpaper. The photo editing process simply requires you to use a few clicks on your computer so as to ensure the implementation of the touch-up features onto your photos.

IrfanView works very fast, furthermore,good it is more beneficial to the armatures who are trying to create welledited photos for perfect memories. The program allows the users to do a number of things;

  • It helps in painting
  • Slideshow
  • Thumbnail option
  • Multipage editing can also be done
  • File research
  • Scanning of the character
  • Screen Capturing
  • Change color depth
  • Batch convertion
  • It contains many hotkeys
  • ICC support
  • Assist in image creation
  • The program can be downloaded to compatible devices directly.

Windows Live Movie Maker            Magic Camera         Recuva   

GIMP Software            PhotoScape Software        Paint.Net Software    

Windows Movie Maker            You Cam            Zoner Photo Software

IrfanView requires payment for commercial use due to registration expenses but for those who use it for personal and non-commercial purposes, it is free of charge. Irfan can generate screensavers and slideshows from various image collections. This can be kept as the stand-alone executable, which runs through Window computers without installation of IrfanView.

The screensavers, slideshow creation, and batch gallery translation; these are preset photo processing steps, which can be applied to the selected set of pictures. Irfan can produce icons by changing common graphic files into icon format. This program was first released on 1st June 1996.

The freeware image software can easily and swiftly view, convert images, edit and also play both audio and video files. It has become popular because of its speed, small size, ease of use and its ability to efficiently handle a variety of graphic format files. It’s also known for its painting capabilities and image creation.

The software has been given its name after the original creator who was known as Irfan Skiljan. This photo editing program works effectively with all Windows versions, from the earliest Windows 95 to the most current. It can also run in Wine, under Linux, Mac OSX using the Wine bottler. Wine is the free implementation of the Windows OS on Unix.

The editor has been compacted and therefore occupies less space. Numerous types of files are supported here for example BMP, JP2, JPM, and GIF and JPEG. While viewing the images, you can decide to use one of the many on screen scaling options or the automated slideshow function. The viewer is only able to open all the video clips or image files in sequence.

The image editing process includes image rotation, resizing, and cropping. The images are also modified by adjusting their contrast, tint, brightness and level of gamma. This can either be done manually or automatically and by simply converting the pictures in between the file formats.

Many of the listed alterations and adjustments can be applied on multiple photos at the same time using the batch process. The program in now available in over 20 languages, English being the default. It is important to always keep the editor updated to the latest version.

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Paint.Net Software

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Paint.NET is photo editor program that is fully featured. It provides numerous necessary tools to ensure appropriate output of images. The photo editing process should be streamlined and instinctive. If you simply want to do touch-ups on your photos before you can comfortably post them to your friends and family, this program will assist you in generating high-quality images. Furthermore, any other project involving photo editing you might want to undertake, this program will deliver the best results.

The software application is free. The features offered under this program are quite innovative and intuitive. It offers a user interface with unlimited undo, layers support, special effects and numerous varieties of tools that are powerful and useful. There is an online community, which provides friendly tutorials, help and various plugs ins on how to operate and navigate through the software program.

Even though Paint.NET can’t do everything, it provides the necessary features that will allow you to enhance and fix your photo. The program was created by a university student as a project. Since then it has greatly evolved to what it is today.

Windows Live Movie Maker            Magic Camera         Recuva   

GIMP Software            PhotoScape Software             Irfanview Software    

Windows Movie Maker            You Cam            Zoner Photo Software

Numerous versions have been released in the market. It all started with version 1.O which has grown so much and now the latest version is 4.0.7, which was released on December 15th, 2015. If you still have an older version, you are advised to upgrade it.

A larger pool of features is now available on the most current version as compared to the older versions. The software was primarily written in C# programming language. It was originally released as an open source but was converted to closed source due to several license breaches. Therefore, the modification was forbidden. It caters to a large number of people who love pictures and uploading them to the social media sites or simply keeping them safe in memory storage.

You should join the available forums and online communities that talk about this software. You will be able to embrace and fittingly understand the program. However, it’s not difficult to operate it and a person can easily adapt its maneuver. The software has grown so much and still has a very huge growth potential.

Its development continues since there is a programmer who is currently working on its expansion. The program has steadily developed; its fun base is growing and gaining more users each month. This is because the program provides the needed photo editing tools to its users.

You are recommended to always update to the latest version so that you can access the new features and special effects offered by the software. When faced with any challenges operating the program, you should consults experts in the field or the Paint.NET online community.

The photos generated by this program will attract positive reactions and enjoyable moments. The necessary adjustments are surely accomplished and the results are spectacular. This is the main reason as to why this software program is so popular. It will never disappoint you and will always meet your expectations and offer much more.

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Photoscape Software

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 PhotoScape is editing software that offers a variety of tools which can be used in enhancing and editing photos therefore creating perfect memories. Afterward, you can place them in a slideshow and share the moments with your friends. This photo editing software offers all in one photo editor style. The major features include batch page, screen capture, viewer, rename, editor, raw converter, color picker, resizing, brightness, splitter, print, backlight correction, animated GIF, combine, text, cropping, drawing pictures, filters, blooming, red eye elimination, and white balance modification.

The software program is a very easy application to use. Everything is displayed on the screen. Therefore, one can swiftly trace each feature. Everything is well labeled and the explanations are also displayed properly at the bottom part of the screen in a rectangle.

Windows Live Movie Maker            Magic Camera         Recuva   

GIMP Software            Paint.Net Software           Irfanview Software    

Windows Movie Maker            You Cam            Zoner Photo Software

When using this editing program, you can definitely try innovative things; you can do things that you are used to and therefore understand how the software works without too much struggle. The various key features have various functions. Below are the features and their function properly explained.


  1. Viewer: This can be used in the creation of slideshows and also to view photos that are in your folder.
  2. Editor: This offers tools such as adjusting brightness, resizing, white balance, frames, color adjustment, backlight correction, cropping, drawing pictures, blooming, filters, mosaic mode, balloons, frames, red eye elimination, adding text, paintbrush, effect brush and clone stump.
  3. Batch editor: With this, you can easily edit multiple photos.
  4. Page : Here multiple photos can be merged on a page frame so as to create the final photo.
  5. Combine: Here photos can be attached horizontally or vertically so as to make one final copy of the photo.
  6. Animated CIF: This allows the use of multiple photos so as to make one final photo that is animated.
  7. Print: Here you can portrait shots, passport photos, and carte de visites.
  8. Splitter: A photo can be sliced into numerous pieces.
  9. Screen capture: This is used in capturing your screenshot and saving it.
  10. Color picker: You can easily zoom in on the images, search and afterwards pick the appropriate color.
  11. Rename: Here you can change the names on the photo file in the batch mode.
  12. Raw converter : With this, the RAW format can be changed to JPG format
  13. Paper print: This is used in printing graph paper, lined paper, and calendar paper.
  14. Face search: This is used in finding similar faces through the internet.

The basic notion of this software program is to be easy and fun so that people can enjoy using it. There are new versions with more capabilities but if you prefer the older versions of the program, they are still available in the market. These versions are suitable for ME and windows 98 users.

The program is currently being distributed at a free cost to all the users and commercial establishments. The editor should be updated frequently so that users can access new features.

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Zoner Photo Software

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Zoner Photo Studio:

 Zoner Photo is a software program, which has been designed to help you watch, enhance and share your photos without encountering problems. It enables one to relax and enjoy viewing pictures by focusing on the good results. Its new interface makes the program very easy to use and most importantly, it allows the images to appear very attractive.

The most useful adjustments tools such as white balance, noise reduction, and exposure are easily found in the Develop module. It’s compatible with all image formats and the setting can be changed at any time without being tempered due to overwriting of the original picture. This is because editing of photos in this program doesn’t cause any destruction.

It’s very easy to share pictures via e-mail since the program creates a link meaning that your friends don’t need to download big attachments. There are various advantages linked to this software program such as quick performance, low price, great customization importation options and such like features.

Windows Live Movie Maker            Magic Camera         Recuva   

GIMP Software            Paint.Net Software           Irfanview Software    

Windows Movie Maker            You Cam            PhotoScape Software

It has Photoshop elements offered in one single package at a relatively fair price. Adobe and RAW format are supported here. This software application was developed via company known as zoner software. The photo editing program is very popular, therefore, many people prefer using it in photo enhancement.

It is both prevalent in its place of origin and also all over the world. The software at this time is available in the only windows operating system format. The program was established in 2004. The current version is available in various languages such as German, English, Czech, and Slovak. The latest version has come with various changes that ensure easy management and editing of the images. The features that have been added include;

  • Import module used in downloading photos— this process is only designated to the latest versions.
  • Introduced side panel— this has replaced some of the major editing dialogs for example brightness, white balance and colors. The addition of quick filters was also included here. These are used in the application of multiple edits all at once so as to present a certain look such as cross process, lomography, and Polaroid.
  • Automated backups for the original versions— the photos are automatically stored into the local database when a user edits the first photo in the program. The software therefore is able to offer the original function restoration, which is powered by the database. This feature is optional but is on through default.
  • Synchronization— this is a tool used in photo synchronization. The pictures are collected from multiple collections, which are against one another.
  • Till shift — this feature functions exactly like the lens of till shift. The pictures’ background is blurred. There are controls placed on where exactly the amount of blur it.
  • Zonerama— this is a web gallery package. It is governed and operated on by the studios developer and the users can easily access it for free. The albums can acquire configurable privacy and visibility.

Always remember to update this program for easy access to the new features offered on current versions.

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Cloud Computing

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a type of internet-based work out which provides communal processing assets and information to computers and various other devices simply on demand. It’s a model which enables on-demand ubiquitous access to the available shared pool of computing resources that are configurable. Cloud computing and the availed storage solution provides the internet users and enterprises with storage capabilities and needed data processing in their information centers which are third parties. It greatly depends on the sharing of resources so as to accomplish scale economies and coherence.

At the cloud computing foundation there is a broader notion of shared services and converged infrastructure. Cloud computing main aim is to enable convenient and on-demand access to the network. It involves a shared pool of computing resources that are configurable such as networks, storage, servers, services, and applications. They can quickly be released and provisioned with very minimal effort.

Protagonists claim that companies are able to avoid infrastructure upfront cost and are able to focus more on the projects that distinguish their businesses in place of infrastructure. Protagonists also make a claim that cloud computing enables enterprises to have applications running much faster. It also enables improves manageability and require less maintenance.

Internet Security Software           ICloud storage      Corporate Security Software

Popup Blocker                  Parental Control               Password Managers

Privacy Software            Firewall Software              Encryption Software

Allows IT to adjust resources more rapidly so as to meet unpredictable and fluctuating commercial demand. Cloud benefactors apply “pay as you go” motto. This sometimes leads to unexpected charges that are high if administrators fail to implement cloud pricing archetypal.

Currently, there are relatively low-value computers, networks of high capacity and devices used for storage along with the widespread implementation of the service-oriented architecture, hardware virtualization and autonomic plus utility computing. Corporations scale up when computing needs rise and can scale down when demands decline. This has become a service that is high on demand because there are numerous advantages such as computing power that is high, cheap service cost, scalability, high performance, accessibility and also availability.

Other cloud dealers grow at a high rate of 50 percent per year. However, this is still in the infancy stage and needs proper attention so as to make the services offered by cloud computing more reliable and friendly to the user.

Cloud computing characteristics:

  • Agility advances the users aptitude to re-provision infrastructure technological resources.
  • Cost diminutions are claimed by cloud benefactors. A public cloud model of delivery alters capital expenditure into operational expenditure. This will lower the entry barrier. The infrastructure is provided by the third party and there is no need to purchase for only one time. Pricing on the basis of utility computing is fine grained.
  • Location and device independence- this allows users to access into systems while using a web browser in spite of their current location or what they use on the devices for example mobiles or the infrastructure is delivered by the third party and can be accessed through the internet. Users can easily gain access from anywhere.
  • Maintenance- this quite easy since there is no need of installation on the user’s computers and can retrieve from the different places.
  • Multitenancy- it allows the resources sharing and the cost involving a very large pool of customers  therefore allowing
  1. Centralization of the infrastructure in a certain location where the cost is relatively low for example electricity and real estate.
  2. Peak- load capacity increases in that the users do not need to engineer for uppermost possible levels of load.
  3. Efficiency and utilization in the improvements of systems that are frequently utilized only by 10-20%
  • Performance is closely monitored and the consistent and architectures loosely coupled are constructed from web services as an interface system
  • Productivity might be greatly increased as multiple users are to work simultaneously on the same data. Rather than waiting upon for it to be protected then emailed. This save time are the data need not be re-filled if the fields match. The users also are not required to install the software application upgrades onto their computer devices.
  • Reliability- it advances with the use of multiple sites that are redundant which makes cloud computing that is well designed suitable for disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Elasticity and scalability through dynamic provisioning of the resources on fine-grained, basic self-service in real-time. Without the users engineering peak loads. This provides the aptitude to effectively scale up if the user needs rise or decrease when resources available are not used properly used.
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Security this improves when data is centralized, security of resources increases etc. But concern arises when there is a loss of certain data that is sensitive. The provided security us quite good and much better than traditional systems.

  • However, the security complexity increases greatly when information data is dispersed over a large area or over numerous devices

Cloud computing has a bright future ahead. Many computer users and enterprises are going to adopt this technology since it has many advantages as compared to other technologies.

Video Editor Software & Video Editing Process

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Video Editor Software and Video Editing Process Step By Step:

 A video editor is a potent tool which is quite easy to use. For one to implement the use of the video editor, you have to familiarize yourself with the various steps to be followed. There are various parts to this process such as the application of stylish filters and video effects, joining or cutting of video clips without the loss of footage quality, the addition of music and much more fun processes. This article is going to discuss and explain the steps involved in video editing.

Despite the extensive work and functionality involved in the video editing program, the processes are quite easy to follow. You only need to read the outlined steps keenly, implement some fantasy and mix that with available free time. The output will have some Hollywood touch with very little effort used. Before one can access such a software program, he or she needs to download it. After acquiring the program follow the below stages.

RealPlayer SP             Coreldraw X7         

Flip Player                  JDownloader             MacBooster

Step 1: Upload the multimedia files

  • Transfer the needed video file from the video camera or phone gallery to your laptop or desktop
  • If you are using the webcam, ensure your footage is being captured; record your own voice through the microphone.
  • Audio and video files are to be uploaded using any format that is popular such as MOV, MP3, MP4, WMA, and AVI.
  • The VHS tapes should be digitized; the video should be recorded from TV tuners
  • You can also add photos or other graphics files.

Step 2:  The cutting of parts which are unnecessary and join fragments

  • First of all, you need to slice the video file into segments. They can be as many as you wish
  • Afterward, you are to rotate and then crop the videos. The unwanted or unnecessary segments are to be deleted
  • Finally, join the individual frames or the video clips using over 20 transitions that are stylish

Step 3:  Video quality improvement (this is however optional)

  • Here, first, you are required to make the necessary adjustments to the video sharpness
  • Improve the contrast, brightness and other settings influencing color change
  • Work on stabilization of any video sections that are shaky
  • Some software has the magic enhancement that automatically makes the necessary improvements on the quality of the video
  • Most software have unique applications under this section, therefore, just make a choice on what’s most appealing to you.

Step 4:  Use the software’s special effects and filters

  • Various video editing software programs have numerous special effects. Over 60 plus special effects such as color balance, mosaic, sepia, flying objects, and split screen. All these filters and effects are important in catering to your creative side.

Step 5:  Application of tiles

  • You are to make your tile choice from numerous fonts that are 100 plus
  • You can experiment with the artistic words until you find what suits you most
  • Choose the most suitable size, color and other parameters that are to be reflected in the text
  • Create a very stylish background of the text
  • Rotate the captions in any direction you see fit
  • Create the text animations

Step 6:  Addition of music

  • The needed background sound effects and music can easily be uploaded using formats that are popular such as MP3 and WMA.
  • You can also capture the sound from an electric piano, keyboard or other musical instruments, which are connected to the computer
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Step 7:  Save the edited video file using a convenient format

  • After you are done editing the video. Choose the format you are going to use to save the clip. The formats used to save the audio and video files should be able to play on your laptop or desktop.
  • If you would wish to view the clips on your tablet or smartphone ensure you use the appropriate output preset
  • If you would wish to upload your edited video clip to your Facebook page, YouTube, Vimeo or any other website, follow the right procedure.

There are other features included in the video editing programs. Such special features depending on the type of software you have downloaded. They include;

Creation of slideshows automatically:

This can be done through the selection of photos from a group. Simply click on one button and the software will insert the appropriate transitions automatically. Then simply add the tiles and music, and the footage is complete.

Spectacular visual effects:

Ensure that your videos are stunning using the exceptional “Hollywood” effects. This feature is offered by movavi. For example, you are able to create “matrix” like feeling.

Most of the software programs for video editing in the market have been upgraded. They are now very fast and the videos are edited without any delays.

Before making the decision on which software program you should download, read on the reviews offered on the software site and consult an expert in the field. Use the software appropriately and ensure you update it.