Getting the Voter ID card Promptly

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India is one of the world’s biggest democratic nations which constitutes of a huge number of individuals. Given the assorted qualities that the country supports, there are endless political gatherings which have been shaped in each state, region or town. Races are an intricate issues in India furthermore an extremely vital part of the democracy. Races in India are held once at regular intervals. As dependable residents of the country, it is our obligation to practice our entitlement to vote. Be that as it may, since it includes expansive part of the populace, races are never a simple undertaking. Subsequently, to smoothen things to a degree, the Election Commission of India has presented the arrangement of Voter ID card.

Voter ID card all about:

A Voter ID Card, otherwise called the Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is a photograph character card that is issued by the Election Commission of India to all people who are qualified voters. The main role which this card services is to enhance the precision of the electoral roll and help in averting cases of electoral misrepresentation. Moreover, it likewise serves as a recognizable proof verification when individual’s made their choice.

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Important of having voter ID card:

The Voter ID card is a vital record for Indian nationals for an assortment of reasons:

Identity proof:

The Voter ID card is an essential archive for Indian nationals as it is a legitimate form of a recognizable proof verification. The Voter ID card is acknowledged at different workplaces and foundations which require the person to outfit a legitimate form of recognizable proof, similar to insurance organizations, making online travel or convenience bookings, acquiring another gas association, opening another bank account, and so forth. Additionally, all administration run organizations, insurance suppliers, claim firms, mortgage suppliers like banks request that candidates give a Voter ID number with a specific end goal to prepare their solicitation.

Casting Votes:

The Voter ID card is the key in the event that you wish to make your choice amid any election. If you hold a legitimate Voter ID card and your name is available in the electoral roll of your neighborhood, can make your choice.

Registration in Electoral Roll of a Non-dwelling State:

The Voter ID fills yet another need of permitting people to register their name in the electoral roll of a state other than their state of habitation. This is particularly useful if a man has relocated from another state and wishes to enroll in the electoral rundown of his neighborhood constituency.

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Usage of a Voter ID card:

The Voter ID card is of immense use to each Indian resident for an assortment of reasons:

The card provides as a recognized form of identity of every individuals.

The Voter ID Card goes about as an affirmation that the card holder is a registered voter.

The card incorporates a few recognizable proof elements like the candidate’s photograph, signature, fingerprints, and so on., which give added certification to the card holder.

In the event of an election, the card conveys procurements (by method for stamping) to keep the holder from voting various times.

The Voter ID card can be intended to suit electoral necessities of a populace with low literacy populace.

It is particularly useful as a type of recognizable proof for voters with no settled address.

Fields Included in a Voter ID card:

A voter ID card is an effective and generally acknowledged type of individual recognizable proof in India. Not just does it encourage one to make their choice amid an election additionally goes about as a character verification and address evidence for an assortment of purposes. This card is issued by the Election Commission of India to every qualified Voter and includes the accompanying fields:

  1. Serial number
  2. A hologram sticker
  3. Name of elector / card holder
  4. Photo of the card holder
  5. Gender of the card holder’s
  6. Card holder’s parent’s Name
  7. Elector / card holder’s complete private address is given on the back side of the card, alongside the signature of the issuing power
  8. Elector’s / card holder’s age as on the date of issue of card

The Election Commission of India

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An introduction to the Election Commission of India

The election commission of India is the authorized body that supervises the functioning process of the elections and has its charge. The Constitution of India provides this autonomous body with the responsibility of managing the process of the Lok Sabha elections, elections of the Rajya Sabha, State Legislation, President and the Vice President of India. The Election Commissioner of India is appointed by the President of India. The additional commissioner is also appointed by him accordingly.

The operational authority of the Election Commission

  • The Constitution of India provides the Election Commission of India to perform its operations.
  • The ‘Representation of People’s Act’ is enacted by the election commission.
  • According to the Supreme Court of India, it has also got the provisions of enacting the silent laws for dealing with certain situations that may arise while conducting elections.
  • The residuary power o the Constitution of India is present with the ECI in a proper manner.

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Functioning of the ECI and its Authoritative Acts

India is a democratic country and hence here it is important to hold elections in a periodical manner which is both free and fair for a democratic system in a country. The Election commission of India holds the elections in a safe manner. They generally issue a model code of conduct for all the political parties and the candidates who are contesting the elections in a proper manner. The 1971 elections first had this code of conducts. There are a few guidelines which both the political parties and the candidates need to follow during the period of elections. Still the reports of mishaps do come out where the candidates destroy the machinery. The code of conduct does not have any statutory basis and has got only the persuasive effect.

The Law of Registration

The parties have politically enacted the Law of Registration in the year 1989. In this law, the different political parties of the country gets themselves registered with the Election commission of India. This in turn allows the ECI to keep a track of all the political parties across the country.

Modernization with the use of Technology

The processes involved in the elections today have been improved with the use of the EVM or the Electronic Voting Machine. Besides improvising the efficiency it also reduces the malpractices.

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The State Election Commission

The State Election Commission gives direction and is in charge of the control of governing the local bodies. Articles 243K in the Constitution of India envisage it. The Act first came into action in the year 1993 on 24th April. The aim of this was to monitor the democracy at the grassroots level as it is in the state or national level.

Power of the State Election Commission

The State Election Commission has some unique authorities. They involve:

  • The Delimitations Commission which delimits the constituencies of the local government.
  • The power of the staff disciplinary management, duties of election and assigning of reserved posts and constituencies are with the SEC.
  • It also has the power of disqualifying the candidate contesting elections who fail to submit the election account.

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Obtaining Duplicate voter ID card apply online is easy now

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Voter ID card is not just vital in permitting you to make your choice it likewise goes about as substantial character evidence. This card is issued by the Chief Election Commission and disseminated by booth level officers once the voter applies for the same. In any case, it might happen that you lose your Voter ID Card. Try not to frenzy and shout! In such cases, you have to apply for a duplicate voter ID card.

Ways to have Duplicate Voter ID card:

Duplicate voter ID card apply online Phase 1: Numerous individuals say they have lost their voter card while voyaging. Voters regularly lose their cards because of burglary, just lost or inadvertently harm them. Be that as it may, regardless they can apply for and get a duplicate voter card. Apply for Duplicate Voter ID Card or Check the Status of your Application online though

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Here are a few undertakings which you have to do in the event that you are searching for a duplicate electoral card:

  • Case a FIR with the police educating them the loss of the voter card.
  • Keep the duplicate of the FIR convenient.
  • Obtain the 002 form (for issuance of duplicate voter ID card) from your neighborhood Election Commission Office or from your state race bonus’ website.
  • Top off the form. It ought to be finished in all angles.
  • Put together the copy of the FIR.
  • Join a report that guarantees your distinguishing proof verification. This could be a duplicate of your driving license, passport, ration card or pan card.
  • Join a record that guarantees your place of living arrangement or address. This could be a duplicate of your telephone bill, gas bill, electricity bill, et cetera.

Present the form alongside the records to your nearby Chief Election Commission office. Allude this segment to find and get the subtle elements of your State CEO. You can likewise allude this page on authority Election Commission of India for URLs/links to all the State CEO websites you will be given a receipt for receipt of your required reports. After that, do check the status of the duplicate electoral card online every now and then to know when you would get the duplicate ID card.

Options of duplicate Voter ID card that is not subjected:

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Duplicate voter ID card apply online Phase 2: Duplicate Voter ID Card may not be issued if you don’t give generous records, for example, duplicate of the FIR while presenting the structure. NRIs who don’t dwell in India are likewise not qualified forget the voter card. Be that as it may, a NRI who is a government representative and working at a remote country in the interest of the government can get a Voter ID Card. For any questions with respect to the duplicate election card, you ought to look for counsel from the neighborhood Chief Electoral Officer. Keep in mind, every state is in charge of issuing the ID-card for voters of that specific state. You may need to pay an ostensible sum in return of getting the duplicate card.

Be relevant for Duplicate Voter ID card online:

Duplicate voter’s ID card can be connected online also. You have to visit the Election Commission website accessible for your state (specified above) and access the 002 form. When you download it and top it off, you have to present the same alongside the FIR duplicate, verification of distinguishing proof and address to the nearby electoral registration office.

Easy Process to Download voter id online

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Elections in India are held like clockwork. These elections force each national who is over the age of 18 years to take an interest. An individual can just vote in the event that he is registered with the ECI, i.e in the event that he has a registered Voter ID. The Electoral Commission of India is in charge of the smooth management of the electoral procedure. Each choice with respect to the elections is taken by the ECI. This power was at first taken care of exclusively by the Chief Election Officer of India however in the long run got conveyed similarly with the ECI. This consequently, prompts smooth working of the electoral procedure. You canm Download voter id online now with no complication in the following way.

This ID prior must be made through the customary methods for remaining in a que, physically filling a structure, and by holding fast to numerous such repetitive procedures. Luckily now this procedure has gotten to be online. An individual can make a Voter’s ID with only a couple of straightforward clicks. Online enlistment has been generally acknowledged by Indians even in the rustic region. This framework has expanded the quantity of Voter ID card enrollments amongst youth. It has likewise expanded familiarity with the significance of voting and choosing the privilege political gathering. An expansive number of individuals are presently taking an interest in elections and urging others to do as such as well.

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Online guide of Election ID card Download:

India involves 28 states, it along these lines gets to be hard to ignore the working of the considerable number of states together. Thus, every state has a different website, which is altered for the inhabitants of that state. The pages of these websites can be deciphered in the neighborhood language. By taking after a couple of straightforward steps you can make an enlisted Voter’s ID, once this is done you can take a print out of the ID. Kindly recall that you can’t download a soft copy of the ID because of security reasons, printing it out is the main alternative.

Before downloading you can likewise get the Voter ID Card Status Online and you can redesign your address and different points of interest before downloading the Voter ID.

These straightforward steps will help you printout your Voters ID and let you utilize it later on:

  • Log on into the website of Electoral Commission website of India then again the provincial website on which you have registered your Voter’s ID.
  • The following step is to click on the SEARCH YOUR NAME tab. When you click on it, the page will incite you to fill in your subtle elements. After the filling the subtle elements click the search catch.
  • When you click search all your Voter ID subtle elements will show up on the screen. On the right hand corner your will see a PRINT choice.
  • On clicking the PRINT alternative the Voter ID card will be developed the screen and another PRINT choice will show up. Before you click this catch make sure to have a plain paper prepared inside a printer. The moment you give a print order your Voter ID card will be printed.
  • Downloading a voter’s ID is as simple and speedy as that. Try not to waste time in making your Voter’s ID card. The moment you or anybody you know turns 18, sign on to the ECI website or the website of your state and register as an official Voter of India.
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Therefore, Download voter id online with no worry at all.

Promptly Check voter list online

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Elections are the focal institution of democratic agent government. Every single democratic countries hold elections, yet all elections, does not hold democracy. India being a democratic country has certain benchmarks of elections. Here, elections are focused, intermittent, comprehensive and are positive in which the boss chiefs in a government are chosen by natives of a countries. You can also check voter list online.

All the Indian must have a thought at this point how critical Voter ID card for an individual/national. Native of India can apply for voter ID card when they turn on 18 years, which gives an illegal a good fit for the person to join in the election prepare that is under the governance of Indian Government like clockwork. Presently, things are made simple for applying the Voter ID card which is done through online procedure.

Voter ID Online Registration             Election Commission India

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Process of verification:

Government website official – each person who wishes to apply for a Voter ID card must log on to the authority


The web link gave every one of the subtle elements of registration and for applying Voter ID card. All the rundown of archives required is given in the link.

Filling in the Right Form – In the accompanying step, it is an ideal opportunity to go ahead with the filling of suitable form. Case in point:

First application to Check voter list online: Candidates have to fill Form 6

In the wake of filling in, suitable documents must be connected likewise, with photo graphs and so on.

All the above must be scanned and assaulted alongside the structure filled in.

Compliance of executive Documents: A hard copy of the extra documents must be given to the closest electoral office. Individual nearness ought to be there while submitting documents. Posting or couriering might be an inconvenience for government authorities. Of removal of documents can happen.

Procedure of Verification: The procedure of verification is explained. Once the records are filled in and presented, this must be appropriately checked. An officer from electoral office is named to confirm house and the address. This is ruined confirming the address if it is appropriate or not.

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Reason of such a lengthy process:

Amid the election procedure may political gatherings remains against each other. Here, the objective of political gatherings is to increase greatest number of votes. In this procedure there is tend to run over numerous accidents and swindling. One voter ID card can be utilized for the other individual, yet it can be diverse for an alternate election booth.

These exercises have come into record after numerous endeavors of inspections. The government of India made a caution in this respects made a straight protocol to shift the Voter ID cards. Amid the season of election, the Voter listing is` done by going to house and house for check.

A man can download the list of the polling competitors from the website of Election Commission Of India, where at initial a client will run over the home page of the same, and then in the wake of giving the asked subtle elements can help him/her to get access into the important data.

Applying for the voter-Id card

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Some information on the voter-id card

The Voter-id card in India plays an extremely important role. This card is issued by the authorities of the Election Commission of India to every Indian citizen who has attained the age of 18 years. Most importantly, one should have this card in his hand as it is the most important identity proof in India and it allows the Indian citizens to cast their votes for electing the government. Besides being generally used as an identity proof, it is also used as address proof and age proof of an individual in general and also in the times of election. The voter-id card also plays an important role as an age proof while one goes ahead to apply for the passport which also proves him to be an Indian.

Documents needed to apply for the voter-id card online

  • Soft copy of colored passport size photograph
  • Address proof
  • ID Proof
  • Age Proof

Voter ID Online Registration            Election Commission India

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Steps to apply for the voter-id card online

  • First, one needs to log into the official web-link of .This website allows all the citizens of India to apply for their voter-id card through the online process. This is also the official website of the Election Commission of India.
  • After visiting the home page, the details that are needed have to be entered. The detail includes the username, mobile number, office contact list and password, forgotten password and registration for the new users. If an individual has already registered himself, he only needs to provide with the username or mobile number along with his password. And then he will have to submit it.
  • The ones who are applying for their voter-id cards for the first time will have to select the option of New User Registration.
  • A fresh page will next get opened where the mobile number along with the email address of the new user will be asked for. Here, the individual should enter the mobile number and email address that is active and used every day. After providing these details, the option of ‘Register’ is to be clicked on.
  • Then a code for verification is sent to the mobile number that has been provided by the applicant during registration. This code is then to be entered on the displayed webpage.
  • One will have to then click on to the option of ‘Proceed’. This will open a new webpage which will display the ‘FORM 6 APPLICATION’. Here the applicant will have to fill in all the necessary details like Name, DOB (Date of Birth), and Place of Birth, District, Language, City, Sex and all others.
  • The documents that are mentioned above are to be uploaded.
  • All the details that have been entered should be rechecked thoroughly.
  • Finally click on to ‘Submit’.
  • After the form has been submitted, an id number for the application gets generated. This number should be noted as it helps in future to track the application of the voter-id that has been submitted.