Checking the UAN Status

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Today, the UAN or the Universal Account Number holds great importance to every employee and employer and one should be having proper knowledge about it when the things related to the Provident Funds come to question. The UAN is almost similar to the PAN card but the main difference is that the EPFO or the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization issues the UAN.

Steps for checking the status of the UAN

  • First of all one need to visit the official website of the UAN or the Universal Account Number.
  • It is to be noted that the links for the employees and the employers are different and one should select the link that matches his category.
  • The employees or the members of the EPFO can click on to the following link for visiting the portal. For doing so, one has to click on to the link of https://uan
  • One may not be sure about the activation of his UAN and for checking and knowing the status of it one can surely visit this website.

UAN Number          UAN Registration          UAN Activation

Few other steps for checking the status of the UAN

  • After visiting the official website, one will have to click on to the option of Know your UAN link
  • Next, one will have to click on to the link that shows Know your UAN Status.
  • Here, one will have to enter the details of his PF like his PF number. It should be remembered that the PF number should be entered correctly so that one is able to receive the correct status of the UAN.
  • Next the state where the registered office is needs to be selected.
  • Even if one is not sure of the state to which the registered office belongs, he can enter the first two letters of the PF number as they stand for the state where the registered office is.
  • Next the region of the PF office needs to be selected.
  • There may be chances that the state is having different regions.
  • For helping one to know the exact region, the next 3 letters of the PF number will come to use.
  • Once both of these has been entered, the rest of the numbers in one’s PF number gets filled up automatically but it is always recommended to verify the automatically filled number with one’s own PF number.
  • Now, the organization number is to be entered, and this number is present in the PF number’s first group of digits.
  • The extension is the next that needs to be filled up.
  • There are certain cases where there are no extensions in the PF numbers. One need not worry about such cases as he can leave the column blank if the case is so.
  • Next, one’s PF number needs to be entered.
  • Once, these processes have been completed one can check the status of his UAN or the Universal Account Number.
  • One can also contact the helpdesk of UAN with the toll free number of -1800118005 for further queries.

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