CIBIL Defaulter List

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CIBIL Defaulters List Guide And Information

No one would like to find his or her name on the CIBIL defaulters list. is fully committed to keeping your name off the list through 2016 going forward. If you require assistance in handling your credit or improving your score points is the right people to offer you these services. You can as well decide to join credit Smart forums and deliberate credit matters other people working toward financial success.

Some people may think that the CIBIL list is a myth however its reality. Unfortunately, some people are on the list. It is important to check if you are among the unfortunate group of people. This article will elaborate more on checking the various guidelines and procedures that you need to follow in clearing your name from the list.

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CIBIL holds all the information about banks, lenders, financial organizations and even borrowers themselves. They are in charge of tracking all the financial data. When you apply for a loan, the banks ask you to submit a lot of information. This helps them acquire a credit information report on you. The data given is well compiled and efficiently analyzed to evaluate if you are creditworthy. The information requested includes outstanding loans, payment history on credits, paid off loans.

The information needed on the defaulter’s list is the Control Number. Each time financial institutions enquires about CIR from CIBIL the control number is given out. It’s a number of nine digits that is personally unique thus making your credit information easily accessible and traceable. Your CN is on the right-hand upper corner of the CIR.

Getting your CIR is not free of charge. You are required to purchase your CIR and CIBIL score from After payment, you are to receive your most current report credit score and detailed CIR information showing your closed and open loans. If you defaulted on a loan payment, CIR reflects it. It is important for one to take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. This enables you to be removed from the defaulter’s list.

If you are hesitant about paying for these services. Credit smart offers scores calculator tools. It is quite useful in helping one to estimate his or her CIBIL score points. On the site, you are only asked a few questions which you are required to answer truthfully. It is a good and efficient way to monitor your financial changes.

For your name to be removed from the defaulter’s list, it only takes a few days. However, under certain conditions, it may take longer. This situation may be due to errors arising such as wrong keyed in data in terms of PAN name, passport number, gender even address. In case this happens you are required to make contact with CIBIL.

There are several serious seasons like loan defaults that can make name removal process take longer than expected; the time will vary according to how the responsible financial institution will respond to your request to clear the accumulated debt. However, if they drag the situation too long, you can write a letter of complaint and submit it to Banking Ombudsman.

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