Coreldraw X7

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Coreldraw X7… A Genial Program with Customizable Easy To Use Features

CorelDraw was introduced in 1989 by Corel as its flagship and first graphic software for use with Windows operating system. Its latest version, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 brings in inventive features, which are exclusively designed to deliver quality results in graphics. When Corel established CorelDRAW, it was the only PC based design tool before Adobe arrived and edged in its graphic tools, the Illustrator CC and the Photoshop CC.

The X7 suite of CorelDRAW is vector based application with significant redesign from its previous versions. It features new tabbed document environment making it easy for users to create new documents as well as switch between documents that are open. In its interface, it introduces workspaces, which let users to quickly switch between customized work environments.

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The workplace presents features such as the Lite option that is essential for beginners. It is seen as an Illustrator option for the users shifting loyalty from the competitor Adobe. There are also dedicated options such as Page Layout and illustrations. If you were obsessed with the previous versions, you can also switch to the Classic option.

Users can also be able to create their own workspaces, and in order to make it easier for you, you can quickly customize the toolbars items on-the-fly using a new command icon, Quick Customize option. To provide greater control over the set up of documents, Corel has featured a set of tools for users. There is the Guidelines feature, which lets you to precisely manage placement of vertical, horizontal, and angled guidelines.

Another feature for document set up is Alignment and Dynamic Guides, which allow the users to take full control over the kind of interactive guidelines the program shows on screen. This feature is handy when it comes to aligning, angling, sizing, and distribution of objects when you are drawing and transforming them.

Besides, users also get to enjoy a new Align and Distribute feature, which assists the users in organizing and placing the elements of their designs. One main focus of CorelDRAW X7 is that it brings in complete overhaul of the aspects of handling the formatting elements. On the aspect of colors, there are different options, which help users to find and modify sets of complementary colors using the harmony rules.

The Color style feature is a bit enhanced when it comes to management of colors in documents and most notably with use of the Hints views, which will indicate the objects using a specific color style. A Page Sorter view on the other hand, lets the user to see how multiple color changes within the Harmony Editor are affecting the overall appearance of the document.

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The Photo-Paint X7 included in the CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a raster-based application, which offers excellent solution for editing of photos. The Photo-Paint feature brings in layers and color management tools while also offering users the ability to use a full menu of control features such as filters and effects. This ensures that the users attain quality editing as well as retouching. A Smart Carver tool allows the users to be able to remove any unwanted elements within a photo.

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