Cost of Driving License in India

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If you are wondering to get a driving license in India then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are providing complete details about Indian Driving License. You can apply for the Indian Driving License in two ways they are, you can apply for the driving license online and the other option is applying for driving license in person at the RTO under the jurisdiction where you are living.

Let me clear you one thing about driving license in India, if you are planning to get a driving license, first you have to apply for a learning license. The validity of a learning license will be for 6 months. After getting the learner license if you cross one month time then you will be eligible to apply for the driving license and driving license test. To earn the driving license you must pass the license test which is conducted by the qualified examiner at the RTO.

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Driving License Test           Drivers License Renewal      Duplicate License                License Replacement

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How much is a Driving License in India?

  • For, getting the Learning License – Rs 30/-
  • Driving License Test – Rs 50/-
  • Driving License Fees for the smart card – Rs 200/-

If everything is done by you without the interference of a mediator then, in that case, you can get a driving license at a cost of Rs 280/-.

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