Driving License

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If you are planning to drive a motor vehicle then you must have a driving license which authorizes you to operate the motor vehicles legally. Now it is a very simple process to get a driving license in India. All you need to do is apply for the learning license and after getting the learning license, practice driving till you get confidence then apply for the driving license and take the license test to earn the driving license.

If you go to the US or Canada etc you need to take driving license state wise because there the driving license given by one state or territory is different and valid for a limited time in the other State or Territory. For example, if anyone moves from state to another in US or Canada, in that case, one has to exchange or apply for that particular state’s driving license. But coming to India the driving license issued by any individual state is valid across the country.

To get a Driving License in India one should have a minimum age of 18 years though you can get a moped license at the age of 16 years with your parental consent. But the moped engine capacity must not exceed 50cc.

India is a big country and we have over 1000 computerized RTO’s across the country. The Government of India took an Initiative to provide the fully computerized RTO’s. If you are planning to apply for the driving license then you can visit your areas Regional Transport Office. Instead of visiting the RTO office you can even apply through online by visiting the Sarathi portal or State or Union Territories RTO portal.

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Types of Driving License in India:

Generally, we come across car license, motorcycle license and the heavy vehicle licenses etc but technically these licenses have got some names. The Government of India through RTO’s classified driving licenses to different types depending on our available vehicles and roads. They are:

  • MC 50 CC Driving License
  • MC EX 50CC Driving License
  • MC WOG – Motor Cycle without Gear Driving License
  • MCWG – Motor Cycle with Gear Driving License
  • LMV Driving License
  • LMV – NT Driving License
  • LMV TR Driving License
  • LDRXCV Driving License
  • HMV Driving License
  • HTV Driving License
  • Trans Driving License
  • Trailer Driving License

MC 50 CC Driving License:

With MC 50 CC driving License you can drive a moped with an engine capacity of 50CC.

MC Ex 50CC Driving License:

This Driving License authorizes you to operate the motorcycle whose engine capacity is more than 50CC.

MCWOG – Motorcycle without Gear Driving License:

The name itself indicates that you can drive all types of motorcycles and scooters without gear.

MCWG – Motor Cycle with Gear Driving License:

This License category enables you to drive both motorcycles with gear and without gear.

LMV Driving License:

The full form of LMV is Light Motor Vehicle driving License, LMV driving license authorizes to operate cars, vans, delivery vans, jeeps, Taxi.

LMV NT Driving License:

The full form of LMV NT is Light Motor Vehicle Non-Transport; LMV-NT driving license authorizes to operate cars, vans, delivery vans, jeeps, Taxi’s also but only for personal use.

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LMV TR Driving License:

The full form of LMV TR is Light Motor Vehicle Transport; you can drive both personal and commercial vehicles like cars, vans, delivery vans, jeeps, Taxi’s etc.

LDRXCV Driving License:

This Driving License is issued for the drivers who operate heavy hydraulic equipment.

HMV Driving License:

The full form of HMV is Heavy Motor Vehicle; HMV driving license authorizes to operate heavy motor vehicles.

HPMV Driving License:

The full form of HPMV is Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle; HPMV license allows the holder to operate the heavy passenger vehicles in India.

HTV Driving License:

The full form of HTV is Heavy Transport Vehicle; HTV Driving License allows driving heavy transport vehicles and heavy passenger vehicles.

TRANS Driving License:

TRANS authorizes the holder to operate both the heavy transport motor vehicles & heavy passenger motor vehicles.

Trailer Driving License:

Trailer driving license enables the holder to drive a heavy motor vehicle along with a trailer. To avail, this driving license one should have the HMV driving License.

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