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Encryption Software: 

It is a common norm for people not to throw their credit card statements or documents containing sensitive information like social security number in the trash. This is because that information could be used by other people in identity theft. Instead, document owners shred the papers before they throw them in trash in order to make it difficult for other people read. The same concept applied with encryption software. The shredding of data and sensitive information is also used in the digital age.

The data contained in computer and other storage devices needs protection and encryption meaning that you are essentially shredding it. No one is able to read the shredded data. However, contrary to the physical paper shredding, with the data contained in computers, it can be unshred and brought back to its original state and also shredded again. You can do the shredding and unshredding as much as you want for the computer information.

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Unlike paper where you cannot piece together shredded paper, with the data in computers, it can be pieced together if you know the password or proper key that is used in the encryption process. When people use the internet, they are not just clicking around and taking information such as reading articles and blogs but also sending other people their own sensitive information.

When you are ordering a product online, it involves a great deal of sending others your personal information. Whether it is an eBook, a kitchen appliance  or any other type of product from an online vendor, you are exchanging information with that vendor. The signing up for an online account with a vendor will require entering sensitive personal information.

In a typical transaction, you not only include your email, name, phone number, social security number, and physical address but also your passwords, as well as personal identification numbers or PINs. Information security can be provided in many different ways and one is through data encryption. This is the process of encoding the information in a way that only the computer or person with the key can decode it.

When you choose an encryption program you should make sure it offer effective data security. It should have features such as a strong encryption algorithm that is at least 256 bits AES or an equivalent. It should have the ability to shred original files after encrypting them. In addition, there should be 100 percent reliability of the data after it has been encrypted and decrypted.

In addition, you may want to look for a feature that helps you determine the strength of pass you are creating for the encryption process. Such a password strength meter tells you when you create a password or key, and whether it is weak or strong. The set of features in the program may be many and at least you should have the basic or advanced features that you need to use.

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Often, the more the features, the more you have to pay for the program. When you seek for the encryption tool, you should make sure that you have an uncrippled trail version, which allows you to test the program by using your configuration. The program should have speedy encryption and decryption of files and folders.

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