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Discover Radiant High Quality Media Playback From Flip Player:

Flip Player is a media player program that allows you to playback all your media files. You can watch and play all popular video formats with luminous and high quality media playbacks. By using this tool, you are able to play every video or audio, which QuickTime program supports by default, including formats such as the MOV as well as MP4/H.264/AAC. Besides, users have the option to add more format support through the QuickTime components.

This media player comes with a range of features, which enhance the user experience. Users can get distraction-free viewing on the player. By using the Dim Lights features, it allows you to dim the background of the screen, something that creates a contrast for a brilliant and undistracted video playbacks view. Moreover, users can also get full pixel-to-pixel reliability, and with no issues of interpolation or scaling.

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One thing with this player is that it ensures users get brilliant playbacks on their retina screen displays. You can have videos that look clear and crisp even when watching over the highest resolution retina screen display monitors. The slow motion playback of videos allows users to slow their videos to about a quarter of the normal speed. This can be achieved by use of JKL commands that easily enable you to switch from the normal playbacks speed to the slow motion playbacks.

With some media player programs, you may get nuisance of navigation controls that display on top of the videos. This distracts you from watching your videos whenever you want to navigate using the controls. With Flip Player, it has the ability to fade-in the navigation controls during those times you need them, and it will never display on top of the videos you are watching.

Such non-intrusive navigation controls ensure that you have a viewing experience that is unobstructed. The design is simple and uncluttered making it easy for any user to be able to navigate through their videos and manipulate them they want. They could use featured such as scrub, rewind, skip, fast forward, step, jump, and others without obscuring the video content they are watching.

If you are seasoned photographer or a professional video editor, you will love some of the player pro additional features. The Player Pro features a JKL navigation as well as command and period stepping, which offer more efficient yet one-handed control for playbacks. Apparently, people who are not professional video editors can find these handy tools or controls a fun to use without much difficulties.

Users can upgrade to the premium editing features, which include things like trim, crop, scale, and rotate. If you want to scale your video to be able to virtually take any size, then you can use the scaling element. You may be able to easily type in any custom or preferred video resolution numerically, or you could as well drag the video from any side and resize it to the desirable size.

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Besides, you have the option of using preset menu, which allows you to scale the videos to appropriate sizes for computer, mobile, and TV resolution. If you want to trim your videos, you can easily achieve that with the trim element. You can trim the beginning of a video, the end of a video, or any portion in middle of the video. Other features you get from this media player are such as the capability for converting files to formats such as iTunes, iMovies, iPhoto, or Mail, which are essential for watching movies in your smartphone devices like iPhone, iPods, as well as Apple TV.

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