ICloud storage

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How to access iCloud storage From Multiple devices?

The iCloud keeps all your digital life things at a place. The iCloud can store the information like music, videos, documents and other format files. With the help of iCloud you can store any information and can access from anywhere anytime. To get such a flexible storage space, user need to enable iCloud OS in your system and Mac book or mobile. First of all, need to install iCloud software which can enable the streamline for data backup. The iCloud will link up with your apple Id when setting device upgrades. If there is any doubt, just go to help guide and do follow the installation process.

Select the service which you want to access through iCloud

The iCloud Drive: By enabling this, allow you to access and store your files in iCloud. It can be accessed through your other devices which are connected. If you want to access iCloud through your Mac book, then you need to be install ‘Yosemite’ on your Mac.

Popup Blocker                                 Parental Control             

Privacy Software                             Firewall Software       

Internet Security Software           Corporate Security Software      

Cloud Computing            Password Managers            Encryption Software

Photos: Type of photos you need to access and how need to store the files in iCloud. The default option allow to ‘My photo Stream’, this will allow you to store all your pictures and can be view for thirty days from any of the connected devices.

Mail, Contacts: Auto syncing of all your mails and contacts can be done by enabling auto sync option available in iCloud options (You can find at the time of installation.).

Calendar, Reminders: Each of this option allow user to auto sync the calendar and schedule information and keep tracking for mater as reminder etc. All you need to do is, just build a strong Backing for alerts.

Back-up: Most of the iCloud free account users prefer to auto backup of all their device data. This will allow user to build a strong backup storage location which will help to access anytime from anywhere. Additional flexibility is to access from multiple devices which are connected to the same iCloud account.


Installation procedure for widows iCloud is also remain same like accessing with windows will give few additional tools to access iCloud easily. As like mobile installation and registration, all have to perform in windows too, but there is a small difference while choosing options which have to access. Everything have to enable manually, all are come with options, based on privacy and settings which need by the user, have to follow the options and need to click.

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Mac book

Options for Mac book also remain same with slight changes in choosing options for auto syncing and connectivity issues. Everything have to do is, just follow the instructions and check for maximum options to avail for storage. It is better to access complete storage options through number of devices connected under one apple ID.There is a complete demo on how to use the iCloud storage and how can we connect from multiple devices to a single apple ID. This demo will give complete knowledge on how to enable and use iCloud storage.

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