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 IrfanView is a compacted and potent program used in photo editing. It provides the necessary needed tools to add effects and some touch-ups to your pictures. The images generated by this program can be used on your desktop or laptop as wallpaper. The photo editing process simply requires you to use a few clicks on your computer so as to ensure the implementation of the touch-up features onto your photos.

IrfanView works very fast, furthermore,good it is more beneficial to the armatures who are trying to create welledited photos for perfect memories. The program allows the users to do a number of things;

  • It helps in painting
  • Slideshow
  • Thumbnail option
  • Multipage editing can also be done
  • File research
  • Scanning of the character
  • Screen Capturing
  • Change color depth
  • Batch convertion
  • It contains many hotkeys
  • ICC support
  • Assist in image creation
  • The program can be downloaded to compatible devices directly.

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IrfanView requires payment for commercial use due to registration expenses but for those who use it for personal and non-commercial purposes, it is free of charge. Irfan can generate screensavers and slideshows from various image collections. This can be kept as the stand-alone executable, which runs through Window computers without installation of IrfanView.

The screensavers, slideshow creation, and batch gallery translation; these are preset photo processing steps, which can be applied to the selected set of pictures. Irfan can produce icons by changing common graphic files into icon format. This program was first released on 1st June 1996.

The freeware image software can easily and swiftly view, convert images, edit and also play both audio and video files. It has become popular because of its speed, small size, ease of use and its ability to efficiently handle a variety of graphic format files. It’s also known for its painting capabilities and image creation.

The software has been given its name after the original creator who was known as Irfan Skiljan. This photo editing program works effectively with all Windows versions, from the earliest Windows 95 to the most current. It can also run in Wine, under Linux, Mac OSX using the Wine bottler. Wine is the free implementation of the Windows OS on Unix.

The editor has been compacted and therefore occupies less space. Numerous types of files are supported here for example BMP, JP2, JPM, and GIF and JPEG. While viewing the images, you can decide to use one of the many on screen scaling options or the automated slideshow function. The viewer is only able to open all the video clips or image files in sequence.

The image editing process includes image rotation, resizing, and cropping. The images are also modified by adjusting their contrast, tint, brightness and level of gamma. This can either be done manually or automatically and by simply converting the pictures in between the file formats.

Many of the listed alterations and adjustments can be applied on multiple photos at the same time using the batch process. The program in now available in over 20 languages, English being the default. It is important to always keep the editor updated to the latest version.

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