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Manage your Downloads with JDownloader:

JDownloader tool comes as a free, open-source software program for managing downloads from the internet. A huge community of developers collaboratively work together to ensure this program offers an easy and stress-free downloading of files. With this tool, users are able to start, stop, and pause their downloads. They also set limitations of bandwidth and extract archives automatically.

The easy-to-extend frame allows the users to save hours of their valuable time daily. When you use JDownloader, you will not waste your time on downloads especially when you are downloading from sites such as Megaupload or Rapidshare. All you need is paste the link of the files and the program will perform the rest pretty fast.

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The downloads are executed pretty fast and the program achieves this in two different perspectives. One is that it uses the maximum bandwidth that is permitted for your computing device and second, it takes the least waiting time between one file and another. It is a tool that downloads with multiple servers in order to ensure that you get the optimal speed.

The aspect of multiple servers in hosting and downloading files has become common and many people are using the concept. From the multiple servers, users are able to access files, which can rapidly be shared from the internet address or the URL. With this download manager tool, it allows you to manage the downloads right from the most used hosting portals including Megaupload, Rapidshare, Mediafire, Depositifiles, Hotfile, Sharingamtrix, and Filefactory.

JDownloader tool automates some of the basic features of the various servers. For example, the tools waits for countdown between files being downloaded, and recognizes and enters the Captcha verification codes. It allows simultaneous downloads, among other features. All these aspects make the downloading process to be more agile.

Many people use their internet web browsers to download files from the internet but the browsers are not always the best tools for this job. When you are trying to download a large file that takes hours or a YouTube video, and there are disconnections and interruptions of internet connectivity, then you may not be able to continue downloading that file when the connections are back. The same happens when there is blackout.

You may have to start all over again with your downloads. However, this tool manages all those problems and ensures that you have reconnections established and the downloads continue. When you are navigating the internet and performing activities that are connected to the web, you may have issues such as the router restarting or some errors occurring, which could cause the file transfer or transmission process to halt or stop. This aspect is very frustrating if you were downloading large files.

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Starting all over again will be painful. However, in such circumstances, this download manager tool offers the utility referred to as automatic reconnection. This feature ensures that you do not have to restart all your downloads from scratch. The download can continue from the last section where it stopped. Because it is a Java-based tool, it is capable of working on different operating systems including the Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Users need to be careful when installing this program. In the installation process, when you choose ‘quick’ installation option, what the program does is that it hijacks the homepage of the browser, the default search engine, the new tab page, and then points them to another site called facemoods.com. This is considered as one of the lowest methods of monetization that preys on users who never bother to read the installer. However, you can uncheck all the offending options and continue with your installation.

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