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Jiofi is a router which is used to access jio 4G internet. Jiofi enables you to access the high-speed internet by inserting a jio 4G sim into the jiofi router. Jiofi works like a regular Wi-Fi router the only difference is in regular Wi-Fi routers we need an internet connection whereas the jiofi requires a jio 4G sim. Like the regular Wi-Fi router, we can access the internet to all the electronic devices like desktop, laptop, TV, Smartphone etc.

What is Jiofi Router?

The name itself reveals the nature of Jiofi. Jiofi router is an electronic device which enables you to access the internet. Nowadays most of the people are looking for the wireless internet. Jiofi is one of the best wireless Wi-Fi routers. You can access the internet to any device you want by inserting a Jio sim into the Jiofi router.

Jiofi Login:

  • To log in to the Jiofi through a computer or a Smartphone you need to connect your computer or Smartphone to jio network by using the jiofi.
  • Now type http://jiofi.jocal.html/ URL to get access the login page of the jiofi.
  • Jiofi login page will be displayed on your computer or Smartphone.
  • Create an Administrator name of your choice.
  • Now enter the user id and the password you have set for the jiofi router.
  • After entering the user id and password your computer or Smartphone will be connected to the internet through the jiofi router.

How to use Jiofi:

Jiofi is a router, which enables you to access the wireless internet through a jio sim. Once after getting a jiofi insert the Jio 4G sim into the Jiofi. Insert the Jio sim to enjoy the internet on your Smartphone, smart TV or a computer.

  • Insert the Jio sim to the Jiofi.
  • Now open the jiofi router.
  • It will ask you the name of the administrator.
  • Set a name for the administrator.
  • It will ask you to create user id and password.
  • Create a user id and password of your own choice.
  • For example, if you want to connect the jiofi to a computer or a Smartphone or a smart TV then go to the settings in your Smartphone or smart TV and click on the available WI-FI connections.
  • Your smart TV or your Smartphone shows your jiofi administrator name, now select your jiofi administrator name.
  • Use your user id and password to log in to the jiofi through your phone or TV.
  • After entering, the user id and password the Wi-Fi status in your TV or phone will show connected.

Change Jiofi Router Password:

This problem will arise when you forget your own password. No need to get tensed the only thing you need to do is change the jiofi router password. Open the jiofi router through your computer or a Smartphone. To access the internet it will ask you the password, exactly below that option there will be a “forgot password” option, click on the “forgot password” option to change the password of you jiofi.

What to do when you forget Jiofi password:

No need to get panic if you forget your jiofi password. The best solution for this is to set a new user id and password for your jiofi. Open the jiofi through your computer or Smartphone go to the reset password option. Set your new user id and password to enjoy the internet services back.

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