Magic Camera Virtual Webcam Software

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Transform Your Webcam Chat Experience with Magic Camera Virtual Webcam Software:

Magic Camera is a program designed by Shining Morning, and it is a shareware aimed at adding a variety of effects as well as overlays to webcam feeds, saved videos, screen capture window, and pictures. This cool webcam manipulation software is ideal for playing around on things like instant messaging applications that have the capability to support video chats including Skype Video, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and AOL instant Messenger.

With this tool, users are able to add cool looking backgrounds right on their webcam stream or change the overall appearance. Users may also use it to add foregrounds to webcam streams and add funny horns, mustaches or similar features to the face. You could use Magic Camera to effectively turn images into caricatures. This software is free to try however, the free version brings in aspects such as a watermark as well as a snag screen.

It is a software application, which is easy to use, though the effects it adds on user experience are runof-the-mill, meaning they are not out of ordinary of what you would get from other similar software products. It is a software, which comes with thousands of different effects, and which is much more than those that packed on the webcam driver.

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You could use this tool to record your webcam images and then upload them to video sharing network sites such as the Vimeo and YouTube.

Some of the main features include:

  • Visual filters and transformation effects
  • Webcam photo and image frames
  • Ability to add funny hats, noses, masks, and eyeglasses through webcam face tracking
  • Real time replacement of your webcam backgrounds with videos or pictures
  • Paint or doodle on webcam videos
  • Ability to type text directly on videos to chat with friends
  • Ability to add image and video overlays
  • Ability to add cool flash as well as GIF animation to webcams
  • Use of Webcam Picture in Picture

The interface has colorful and simple design, though it may not have that great attractive and intuitive look. The optional skins limit the ability to change the look of the design. The icons or buttons might be rendered at lower resolution than people are accustomed to seeing in other related graphics related sharewares.

This software offer a range of about 12 categories of effects, which include Filter, Frame, Distort, Scene, Flash, Text, Background, Mask, Animation, Picture in Picture, Emotion, and Paint. While Magic Camera software comes as shareware for use with the Windows operating system and platforms from the webcam software tools, it features a free trial period.

A demo is available to all users, and comes as a free download, but it has many restrictions and may not show all the features found in the full version tool. Some of the recent updates of Magic Camera software include compatibility with Windows 8 operating system. The main window shows a webcam display right above a panel for display of files but the phrases Help/FAQs seem to be placed awkwardly.

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Besides, there is also another attached panel, which is the height of the main windows. However, that panel features a different style in terms of its interface, and it only features a webcam selector in it. Users can set photos, video files, DVs, screens, TV cards as part of Magic Camera content and be able to broadcast them on other instant messaging video chats like Skype or broadcasting sites such as

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