Obtaining Duplicate voter ID card apply online is easy now

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Voter ID card is not just vital in permitting you to make your choice it likewise goes about as substantial character evidence. This card is issued by the Chief Election Commission and disseminated by booth level officers once the voter applies for the same. In any case, it might happen that you lose your Voter ID Card. Try not to frenzy and shout! In such cases, you have to apply for a duplicate voter ID card.

Ways to have Duplicate Voter ID card:

Duplicate voter ID card apply online Phase 1: Numerous individuals say they have lost their voter card while voyaging. Voters regularly lose their cards because of burglary, just lost or inadvertently harm them. Be that as it may, regardless they can apply for and get a duplicate voter card. Apply for Duplicate Voter ID Card or Check the Status of your Application online though http://voteridcard.org.in/4994/how-to-apply-for-new-or-duplicate-voter-card-or-check-status

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Here are a few undertakings which you have to do in the event that you are searching for a duplicate electoral card:

  • Case a FIR with the police educating them the loss of the voter card.
  • Keep the duplicate of the FIR convenient.
  • Obtain the 002 form (for issuance of duplicate voter ID card) from your neighborhood Election Commission Office or from your state race bonus’ website.
  • Top off the form. It ought to be finished in all angles.
  • Put together the copy of the FIR.
  • Join a report that guarantees your distinguishing proof verification. This could be a duplicate of your driving license, passport, ration card or pan card.
  • Join a record that guarantees your place of living arrangement or address. This could be a duplicate of your telephone bill, gas bill, electricity bill, et cetera.

Present the form alongside the records to your nearby Chief Election Commission office. Allude this segment to find and get the subtle elements of your State CEO. You can likewise allude this page on authority Election Commission of India for URLs/links to all the State CEO websites you will be given a receipt for receipt of your required reports. After that, do check the status of the duplicate electoral card online every now and then to know when you would get the duplicate ID card.

Options of duplicate Voter ID card that is not subjected:

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Duplicate voter ID card apply online Phase 2: Duplicate Voter ID Card may not be issued if you don’t give generous records, for example, duplicate of the FIR while presenting the structure. NRIs who don’t dwell in India are likewise not qualified forget the voter card. Be that as it may, a NRI who is a government representative and working at a remote country in the interest of the government can get a Voter ID Card. For any questions with respect to the duplicate election card, you ought to look for counsel from the neighborhood Chief Electoral Officer. Keep in mind, every state is in charge of issuing the ID-card for voters of that specific state. You may need to pay an ostensible sum in return of getting the duplicate card.

Be relevant for Duplicate Voter ID card online:

Duplicate voter’s ID card can be connected online also. You have to visit the Election Commission website accessible for your state (specified above) and access the 002 form. When you download it and top it off, you have to present the same alongside the FIR duplicate, verification of distinguishing proof and address to the nearby electoral registration office.

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