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Paint.NET is photo editor program that is fully featured. It provides numerous necessary tools to ensure appropriate output of images. The photo editing process should be streamlined and instinctive. If you simply want to do touch-ups on your photos before you can comfortably post them to your friends and family, this program will assist you in generating high-quality images. Furthermore, any other project involving photo editing you might want to undertake, this program will deliver the best results.

The software application is free. The features offered under this program are quite innovative and intuitive. It offers a user interface with unlimited undo, layers support, special effects and numerous varieties of tools that are powerful and useful. There is an online community, which provides friendly tutorials, help and various plugs ins on how to operate and navigate through the software program.

Even though Paint.NET can’t do everything, it provides the necessary features that will allow you to enhance and fix your photo. The program was created by a university student as a project. Since then it has greatly evolved to what it is today.

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Numerous versions have been released in the market. It all started with version 1.O which has grown so much and now the latest version is 4.0.7, which was released on December 15th, 2015. If you still have an older version, you are advised to upgrade it.

A larger pool of features is now available on the most current version as compared to the older versions. The software was primarily written in C# programming language. It was originally released as an open source but was converted to closed source due to several license breaches. Therefore, the modification was forbidden. It caters to a large number of people who love pictures and uploading them to the social media sites or simply keeping them safe in memory storage.

You should join the available forums and online communities that talk about this software. You will be able to embrace and fittingly understand the program. However, it’s not difficult to operate it and a person can easily adapt its maneuver. The software has grown so much and still has a very huge growth potential.

Its development continues since there is a programmer who is currently working on its expansion. The program has steadily developed; its fun base is growing and gaining more users each month. This is because the program provides the needed photo editing tools to its users.

You are recommended to always update to the latest version so that you can access the new features and special effects offered by the software. When faced with any challenges operating the program, you should consults experts in the field or the Paint.NET online community.

The photos generated by this program will attract positive reactions and enjoyable moments. The necessary adjustments are surely accomplished and the results are spectacular. This is the main reason as to why this software program is so popular. It will never disappoint you and will always meet your expectations and offer much more.

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