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Make Your System Free of Malware:

 In the present times, the internet is being surfed over widely. Most of the people now use the internet as their mode of communication and many official works is carried on through this mode. The emails and instant messaging services have also gained a lot of popularity. But with these advantages of the Internet, the world of the users has become vulnerable to the threats and attacks of the virus, malware, and spyware. These notorious programs are designed by cyber criminals to not only steal the personal information from the user’s system but also make the system dysfunctional by corrupting the files and programs. For being out of danger, it is extremely important to make use of the antivirus.

A Small Review on Different Anti Virus:

Today there is various antivirus available on the market but there are a few that have gained the popularity due to their features among the user. The antivirus should be installed in the system so that the system does not get infected with the virus and malware. Falling under the category of most popular antivirus which is also free is the Panda Free antivirus. The antivirus has attained the score of providing high security to the users and also provides them with real-time protection. It has been maintaining a rank of being in the 3rd position of software for antivirus at the center of CNET Download. According to the statistics, it has been seen that the antivirus has been downloaded for above 5 million times by the users of systems. This software for antivirus was the first in the market to provide the users with free lightweight antivirus cloud and also performed scans faster than the other antiviruses in the market. The antivirus is not only easy to use but is also quite effective. With the fastest protection, it also processes the display on the monitor for the connection of all the processes that are being carried out. One can get to check the reviews from the link:

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 Panda Free Antivirus Features:

 The Panda Free Antivirus has recently launched a new version which not only has a user interface which looks absolutely new but also has four new features. They are namely:

  • Scan: The user is able to perform a full scan of the system or the scan of a critical area or can also run a customized scan according to his wish.
  • Process monitor: It provides the user with all the processes that have been executed like the websites that have been accessed along with the threat levels and the blocked ones. The user can also get a full report of the last scan that has been carried out.
  • Rescue Kit: If the system of the user gets infected, he can surely use the USB drive to his rescue that will assist in rebooting the system.
  • USB Vaccine: With this option, the user is able to vaccinate all the USB drives that he uses in his system.

Feedbacks and Ratings of the User according to the center of CNET Download:

 The Panda Free Antivirus has been able to attain a 4 star on the average ratings of the user. It has been marked as an Outstanding one according to the rating of the CNET Editor. The total downloads of the antivirus have crossed over the number of 8 million. It is compatible with the Windows Operating System.

For downloading the Panda Free Antivirus, you can visit the link of

Download and Install the Panda Free Antivirus:

 From the link mentioned above, you can visit the website for downloading the antivirus. You can then find out the CNET download center after which an exe file has to be saved on the system that you use. The further steps are described below.

  • Visit the website of Panda Free Antivirus and then click on to the link of Now click on to the option of Panda Free Antivirus Download Free.
  • Now you will be taken to the download center of CNET.
  • Click on to the option of Download Now and then wait for a few moments so that you can view the window of Save As.
  • Now save PANDAFREEAV exe on your desktop.
  • Click Accept and Install
  • First, select Language and then according to your choice select the options of security toolbar, My start homepage, Yahoo search provider and click on to Accept and Install.
  • The Basic Protection is then to be selected and until the Install gets completed do wait.
  • For opening the interface of the Panda Antivirus you will have to click on to the Finish option or Open Now.
  • For activating the account of Panda Antivirus the user will have to enter his own email id.
  • After the option of Open Now has been selected, a little time is needed to check whether all are working perfectly.
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Being lightweight, it is compatible with almost all the computers that are available in the market with low speed and memory. The user can also get to enjoy the free edition of the antivirus. Its server on the cloud has recent updates about the virus in its database so that it can provide the users with maximum protection against the viruses that are newly discovered.

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