Password Managers

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Password Managers:

One reason why user accounts are hacked is that users do not create strong passwords and have hard times remembering their passwords, which means they only use characters that can be guessed by the hackers. Password managers are software tools that help computer users to create nearly unhackable passwords. The software creates the passwords, secures them, and logs in to your accounts automatically by using the complicated passwords. Every day, you hear of accounts that have been hacked or compromised.

You properly have heard of the Heartbleed bug, which is a serious vulnerability that has been reported to affect some frequently used versions of OpenSSL library. The vulnerability allows hackers to compromise an SSL or TLS endpoint, and it has attracted a lot of attention all over the world as companies rush to request their account users to change their passwords. This is because the library is embedded in different many application as well as operating systems used on the internet.

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This is one of the many threats that affect online accounts users, and it is essential that people always consider creating strong passwords and changing them often. With a password management tool, users can avoid the risks of being hacked or people stealing their login information and accessing their accounts.

Many people use real words, names of their kids, short phrases, and sequential numbers when they create passwords. This allows them to be able to remember those passwords. However, there are also dangers when you have passwords considered to be weak and easily guessed or manipulated. With a password manager tool, it creates complex passwords, saves them for you, and uses the log in information to automatically log into your accounts via a browser button add-on or through the software.

With a portable version of the tool installed on USB drives, you are able to use it in viewing and logging in to your accounts on other computers. Besides, many password management tools also offer sync-able versions that are applicable in smartphones.

Another reason why user accounts are compromised is that people tend to use the same password for several accounts. The password manager tool can create very complex and long passwords as well as remember them for you, and use them in logging into your account automatically. Because the passwords are encrypted and locked within a single master password only known by you, it means that they are secure.

In addition to the obvious security benefit of the tool, it also allows you to properly and synchronically organize your accounts information. When you choose a password management tool, you should ensure that the software product is able to encrypt your files using a 256-bit or higher encryption protocol.

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It should also be able to generate complex passwords and protect you from things such as phishing attempts and keylogging. In addition, the tool should lock down after a predefined time when you get out of your computer. Besides, a good password management tool should not allow password hints, which others might guess

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