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 PhotoScape is editing software that offers a variety of tools which can be used in enhancing and editing photos therefore creating perfect memories. Afterward, you can place them in a slideshow and share the moments with your friends. This photo editing software offers all in one photo editor style. The major features include batch page, screen capture, viewer, rename, editor, raw converter, color picker, resizing, brightness, splitter, print, backlight correction, animated GIF, combine, text, cropping, drawing pictures, filters, blooming, red eye elimination, and white balance modification.

The software program is a very easy application to use. Everything is displayed on the screen. Therefore, one can swiftly trace each feature. Everything is well labeled and the explanations are also displayed properly at the bottom part of the screen in a rectangle.

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When using this editing program, you can definitely try innovative things; you can do things that you are used to and therefore understand how the software works without too much struggle. The various key features have various functions. Below are the features and their function properly explained.


  1. Viewer: This can be used in the creation of slideshows and also to view photos that are in your folder.
  2. Editor: This offers tools such as adjusting brightness, resizing, white balance, frames, color adjustment, backlight correction, cropping, drawing pictures, blooming, filters, mosaic mode, balloons, frames, red eye elimination, adding text, paintbrush, effect brush and clone stump.
  3. Batch editor: With this, you can easily edit multiple photos.
  4. Page : Here multiple photos can be merged on a page frame so as to create the final photo.
  5. Combine: Here photos can be attached horizontally or vertically so as to make one final copy of the photo.
  6. Animated CIF: This allows the use of multiple photos so as to make one final photo that is animated.
  7. Print: Here you can portrait shots, passport photos, and carte de visites.
  8. Splitter: A photo can be sliced into numerous pieces.
  9. Screen capture: This is used in capturing your screenshot and saving it.
  10. Color picker: You can easily zoom in on the images, search and afterwards pick the appropriate color.
  11. Rename: Here you can change the names on the photo file in the batch mode.
  12. Raw converter : With this, the RAW format can be changed to JPG format
  13. Paper print: This is used in printing graph paper, lined paper, and calendar paper.
  14. Face search: This is used in finding similar faces through the internet.

The basic notion of this software program is to be easy and fun so that people can enjoy using it. There are new versions with more capabilities but if you prefer the older versions of the program, they are still available in the market. These versions are suitable for ME and windows 98 users.

The program is currently being distributed at a free cost to all the users and commercial establishments. The editor should be updated frequently so that users can access new features.

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