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Popup Blocker Software:

Pop-ups or pop up ads are a form of online advertising intended to attract web traffic or aimed at capturing email addresses. They are a form of web browser windows that are used to display advertisement. These pop ups can be annoying and very irritating when you use the internet. A program called pop up blocker software or a pop up killer is used to prevent the pop ups from displaying in your browser or computer. The tool works in a number of ways, and while some close the windows before they appear, others disable the command that calls the pop up.

Some other pop up blockers make an alteration on the window’s source HTML. One of the problems with these tools is that some cannot differentiate between the unwanted popup windows and those that have been requested by the user. In addition, some frustrated marketers have devised ways in which to circumvent the pop up killers by turning to products which detect the presence of the blockers and convert the pop ups to other formats including floating ads which appear on the web page and display for some time before they disappear.

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The advancement of pop up blocker tools is one that has not received the emphasize it needs. Most of the programs you would find are actually outdated and others are not even compatible with the common browsers such as the Firefox and Google Chrome, while others are not compatible with operating systems such as the Windows 7.

Today, antispyware tools include pop up blocker features, and it appears that vendors are geared towards providing comprehensive security suites that offer multiple functions rather than having standalone pop up killers. The antispyware programs are designed with pop up blocker tools and they go beyond the aspect of combating adware to blocking spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, dialers, parasites, browser hijackers, spam, and many other internet security threats.

You can remember back in 2004 where users would log on to their computer screens only to be bombarded with pop up ads. At times, it could reach to a point where it was endless pop-ups all appearing on the screen, something that could compel you to restart your computer system and reset the home page since it had been hacked too. This was a frustrating and intimidating experience for the computer users, and it paved way for the invention of pop up killers.

When choosing a pop up killer product, you might want to check on the ease of use, the set of features, installation, and its performance. The tool should have clear instructions that allow you to use it easily. The pop up blocking tool should also contain standard bells as well as whistles which alert you when the detect the pop ups. 

In addition, you need to look for a tool that has the ability to effectively detect and remove adware and spyware.The program should also work properly with the latest operating system and browsers  besides being able to block different types of pop ups.

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