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RealPlayer SP for Mac Offer a Real Media Playback and Management:

Since its introduction in 1995, RealPlayer has continued to evolve, becoming one of the most recognized media management tool. With this program, users have a set of features that they can use ranging from video and music playback, downloading videos, to sharing. The previous Mac version of RealPlayer brought in features such as the ability to download web videos including the ones from YouTube right into your computer with use a downloader app.

However, the latest version of RealPlayer SP has build off some of the capabilities by allowing users to convert the videos in order to play them on their smartphone devices such as iPod, the Apple TV, as well as iPhones. The videos downloaded from the internet can easily be converted in order to play them back in the mobile devices.

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Whether you want to play videos, convert videos to other formats, or simply download video files from the web, this tool comes in handy. It is a free product that will let you stream music from the internet as well as share it with your friends on social media sites. You can use the media player to playback your favorite videos and music.

It will play all major videos and music formats including FLV, MP4, QuickTime, AVI, and RealMedia formats. Besides, users can convert their audio and videos using its built-in converter. You can convert video files into formats such as WMV, MP4, MP3, AAC, QuickTime, WMA, WAV, RealMedia, RealAudio, and RealVideo formats.

Moreover, with the audio and video converter tool, it allows the users to extract only the audio from their video files as well as edit the bitrate and resolution. Using the RealPlayer Downloader, you can easily download your favorite tunes and videos from the web and then use the converter to convert those videos and copy them to iTunes.

Once you have copied the videos to iTunes, you could easily sync them to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod device ready for streaming. And, if you are fun of sharing your videos with friends, you will have a reason to smile because the tool offers an easy way for you to share your videos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace among other social media sites.

The media player software has great compatibility because it conveniently allows you to play most of the videos and audio formats. Users will not experience problems of compatibility when they use this tool. The RealPlayer Cloud is also an added advantage for both the Mac and Windows users as they can utilize the power of the cloud in backing their content. The RealPlayer Cloud scans you iPad, PC, laptop, and smartphone or tablet and then brings all your videos in one easy way, the library.

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Then you have the option to upload those videos on your cloud account for backup and storage so that you access them whenever you want, or you share them with other people. The videos you add to the cloud are automatically adjusted for the device you are using in terms of screen size, device type, and bandwidth. Videos are stored in the right formats so that they are ready for instant playbacks on all different devices whether Android, iPhone, Windows computer, iPad or popular browsers.

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