Recuva for Effective File Recovery

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Recuva for Effective File Recovery:

Recuva is a free and easy-to-use tool that users can use to recover deleted files from almost any sort of disk that is readable with Windows. This file undeleting tool makes it easy for you to restore lost files from hard drives, which use the NTFS system file format or some other formats like FAT and exFAT, which are used on USB sticks, music players, and storage cards. This tool is an effortless file recovery utility that features an attractive interface that you could navigate through easily, even during those times you are distracted by the fear of losing your important data.

Although it is a free software, it works pretty well that you would expect. Recuva does not seem to recover as many files of lost data as does its paid rivalry software the On Track Easy Recovery Professional. Recuva is available in two versions. There is the normal version, which you can install in your computer when you need to use, and there is a portable version, which can be installed on external drives and USB stick.

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With the portable version, it offers some advantage in that you install it on external drives without overwriting the free space found in your hard drive, which could contain the same data you are trying to recover. However, both versions of the software work the same. There is a wizard interface that will ask you whether you would want to recover specific kinds of deleted files like music, emails, or pictures, or you would want the program to look for any, or all deleted files.

A users can choose whether to initiate a scan of specific drive, media card, or scan an entire computer. Besides, there is an option, which allows you to select, whether you have the time-consuming deep scan or just a quick scan. After the scan is completed, a list of deleted files will appear in the main window.

However, unlike the OnTrack Easy Recovery Professional, the Recuva is not able to preview PDF files. In the display of the deleted files, each file is flagged with different colors to indicate the ability in recovering them. For example, you have yellow, red, and green lights, which indicate whether the files could be possibly not be recoverable, have disappeared forever, or are recoverable, respectively.

Although the whole operation of the program is extremely smooth, users should consider learning some of the quirks before they use the tool. For instance, it could be misleading when users consider the light indicators because you could have a file marked with ‘red’ meaning that it cannot be recovered, yet that file could still be intact and probably recoverable. This can happen if the file you want to recover is overwritten with the same exact file but saved by another application.

Besides, Recuva also features another useful tool, which does the opposite of undeleting files. This feature actually deletes a file securely making it impossible for any other tool to recover it. In the option menu, a user is able to choose different options such as secure deletion of files using single pass overwriting, or options that can tell the program to perform an overwrite of data probably several times to make it secure from recovering it.

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