Registration of the UAN

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The Universal Account Number or the UAN was first introduced by the organization which runs the Employee’s Provident Fund in India. This account number is a unique number consisting of 12 digits that is issued to every employee by the organization of EPF. It is also to be noted that the UAN number that is issued by the EPFO is a unique number with which an employee can be identified till his retiring time. It is almost similar to PAN card number.

Issuing of the UAN

The UAN or the Universal Account Number gets issued to all the members of the Provident Fund and it is also issued to every employer so that they can both download it and pass it on to their employees. One can check the status of the UAN and also know about it in a few simple ways once they have registered themselves successfully at the official site of the EPFO.

UAN Number           UAN Activation             UAN Status

Steps involved in registering the UAN

  • After one receives the Universal Account Number or the UAN from his employer, he is then supposed to visit the official site of the EPFO or the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization India.
  • One can also click on the link that is mentioned here for visiting the official website. The link is
  • The next step is to click on to the option of Activate UAN Based Registration.
  • One will then be directed to another page that will show Activate Your UAN Based Registration.
  • Here, one is required to enter his UAN followed by his member id as well as his mobile number.
  • One also needs to select the state to which he belongs along with the office from the provided drop down menu.
  • In the very next step, one needs to enter the characters that are shown in the image. It is to be remembered that all the characters are case sensitive.
  • Finally, one should click on for getting the PIN. This is very important as it is the Authorisation PIN and one receives it on the mobile number which he had submitted while filling up the details.

The few next steps

Once, all these processes have been completed, one will get directed to another webpage which will display the information in the following manner- Member’s Credentials Verified. On this very page, one will be able to create his own password for logging in to the portal.

In this way, one can get access to the portal and the different facilities of the UAN. It is also important to remember that the UAN will be one’s Username for the whole life. With the above mentioned methods, one can easily complete the registration steps and formalities of the UAN without facing much difficulty. The members do receive a message on the registered mobile number regarding the registration which may come in use in future and one should never forget the username and the password for logging in to the official website of the EPFO.

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