SAP & SAP Modules

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What is SAP And Different Modules in SAP?

SAP stands for Systems, Applications and products in the data processing. SAP is the 4th largest company in the world. The main goal of this software development is to integrate all the areas of a business. SAP helps to build common sharing system among the business and executes from multiple locations using SAP credentials. The ERP system of the SAP designed with multiple modules and there is a flexibility to integrate most of them.

The SAP software suite come up with the engineering re-design process. The end goal of this software module is to give a better performance in financial, logistic, distribution, inventory systems. The logical functionality of the SAP system took years of development process to bring out standard results.  After successful running of SAP R/3, developers enter into the customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Now these two revolutionary softwares are core elements in the retail and sales markets. Everywhere the usage of this software goes viral. There are number of modules exist in SAP, each module have its own significant part in the business sector.

The functional modules of SAP are,

  1. FICO –Financial & controlling
  2. PP – Productions Planning
  3. MM – Material Management
  4. SD – Sales & Distribution
  5. HR – Human Resource

SAP Technical Modules,

  1. ABAP – Advanced business applications programming
  2. XI – Exchange Infrastructure
  3. Basis
  4. BIW – Business information Warehousing

What is SAP FICO?

SAP Financial Accounting (FI) & CO (Controlling) is one of the important modules in ERP. The major part of the FI comes under records, collects, process and financial transactions.  CO covers the management decisions and controlling.

What is SAP MM?

SAP Material Management is another module in ERP software and it deals with the procurement and functionality of the inventory in day to day business operations. MM covers several aspects like purchasing, goods receiving, material storage and consumption based planning and inventory.

What is SAP PP?

Production planning module deals with the planning and controlling of the manufacturing activities of the company. Data configuring and manipulating various types of data in a proper systematic manner are come under PP.

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SAP sales Distribution module is used to plan and control the activities of a company manufacturing department. This module majorly deals with the handling and distribution of shipment to the customers. Billing process, invoice generation for delivery also handle in this module.

What is SAP HR?

Human resource management manages to the employee payrolls and their life cycle, service etc.

Advantages with SAP:

  1. SAP software manages all modules in the business.
  2. Avoids data duplication.
  3. Project monitoring automations and multi dimensional reporting system.
  4. Complete planning; processing, development and control can perform under one roof.
  5. Value based customer service can be done easily with the help of SAP modules.
  6. Various types of architectures give flexibility to change the business model accordingly.
  7. Another most important thing is, cost effective business management and service delivery can be done in a flexible way.

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