Tracking the application status of the passport

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The Passport Seva is much more efficient in the ways through which one can get his passport. The residents of India are always recommended to keep their passports up-to-date if any necessary changes have occurred in their details as it is of extreme importance. The status of the passport can be easily checked through the Passport Seva with a simple click as it gets updated constantly which helps one to know in which stage of the application process he currently is and here one also gets to know whether he will have to submit any other documents along with the time for their submission.

Finding the status of the passport through Passport Seva

After the online application form has been filled up on the website of the Passport Seva, one will be provided with an alphanumeric number which contains 15 digits which is a combination of both numbers and letters. This code is found on the Acknowledgement Letter. This letter is the paper that one receives when he exits the PSK. It is also mailed to the individual who has completed his online application. If one has not received the code or letter due to some error, he should immediately contact the customer service of the Passport Seva by visiting the homepage of the website from the drop down menu of CONTACT US. The alphanumeric code on the Acknowledgement Letter is assigned for representing the specific application of every individual. This code is helpful for quickly getting the status of the passport without any delays. The code on the letter appears after the name of the applicant on the top of the right hand of the letter just below the bar code. It is listed after ‘File Number’. Before visiting the website of the Passport Seva, this code is to be copied.

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Steps to be followed after visiting the website of the Passport Seva

After entering the homepage of the website, the blue box is to be looked for labeled as ‘Apply’. It is found in the middle of the page. Here, one gets four choices:

  • Existing User Login
  • New User Register Now
  • Application Status Track Application
  • Appointment Status Check Availability

One needs to select the option of ‘Application Status Track Application’. Click on it and get the three options under the headline of Track Application Status:

  • Application Status
  • RTI Status
  • Diplomatic Official Application Status

The appropriate option is to be selected by keeping in mind the type of the application one has filled. If one does not know it, one can select the option of the application Status. One has to simply click on to the circle given on the left side of the option and a black dot appears on the circle which indicates the choice.

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Entering the file name of one’s Passport Seva

After selecting the correct option for tracking the application status of his passport, one has to enter his File Number from the Acknowledgement Letter in the correct box along with the date of birth of the individual whose application is being tracked. Click on to the button ‘Track’ which will open a page having all the information one is looking for.

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