Travelling abroad with the help of Indian passport

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The fundamental prerequisite for every Indian for travelling abroad is the Indian passport. This legal document is issued by the Indian Government for every Indian citizen for enabling them to travel abroad either for business or for personal purposes. There are three different types of Indian passport- the regular passport, the diplomatic passport and the official passport. The regular type is issued for all the citizens who want to travel abroad for business purposes and for spending vacations. The diplomatic passport is issued to the diplomats and the government officials and the official passport is issued to those who represent the Government of India and move on an executive business.

Step by step guide for applying for the Indian Passport

The passport of India has got a deep blue cover and also has a symbol of India on the cover. It has got a 36 pages note from the Indian President. This note is a proof so that the bearer of the passport as per the international norms. Other details that are included in the passport are:

  • The place of issue
  • Date of expiry
  • Signature of the passport holder
  • Passport number
  • Complete address and much more.

Passport Status                        Passport Renewal

For having an online application for the passport one needs to follow the steps below:

  • The documents that are to be submitted vary with type that one selects. The documents that are generally needed for getting the passport is proof of birth date which can be produced by giving the copy of the birth certificate, affidavit or the school leaving certificate. The other important documents which are also needed are the electric bill, documentation of one’s marital status, assessment order for income tax and many more.
  • One can get the application form online by visiting the official website of the Government of India that deals with the Visa and Passport. One simply needs to download the e-form.
  • The details are then to be filled up and the form is to be submitted online. One should provide with authentic information while filling up the application form. Then click on to ‘Schedule Appointment’ where the appointments are provided on a particular date and time. Then the application receipt needs to be printed.
  • One should know the exact cost for applying for the passport online and one should pay the due charges. They can be paid online through the net banking, credit cards and all the other options related to it.
  • It generally takes six to eight weeks for getting the Indian passport. One should always submit the documents that are required immediately as per the requirements. One is expected to have his passport within the time scheduled.

Things to remember

One can seek help from the experts who want to process their passports and Visas. Make sure that these experts are efficient. One will have to provide the documents that are needed for ensuring they get the correct type of passport. The time taken for processing the passport depends on the type of passport one has applied for. Renewal of the passports is important after its expiry.

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