Video Editor Software & Video Editing Process

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Video Editor Software and Video Editing Process Step By Step:

 A video editor is a potent tool which is quite easy to use. For one to implement the use of the video editor, you have to familiarize yourself with the various steps to be followed. There are various parts to this process such as the application of stylish filters and video effects, joining or cutting of video clips without the loss of footage quality, the addition of music and much more fun processes. This article is going to discuss and explain the steps involved in video editing.

Despite the extensive work and functionality involved in the video editing program, the processes are quite easy to follow. You only need to read the outlined steps keenly, implement some fantasy and mix that with available free time. The output will have some Hollywood touch with very little effort used. Before one can access such a software program, he or she needs to download it. After acquiring the program follow the below stages.

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Step 1: Upload the multimedia files

  • Transfer the needed video file from the video camera or phone gallery to your laptop or desktop
  • If you are using the webcam, ensure your footage is being captured; record your own voice through the microphone.
  • Audio and video files are to be uploaded using any format that is popular such as MOV, MP3, MP4, WMA, and AVI.
  • The VHS tapes should be digitized; the video should be recorded from TV tuners
  • You can also add photos or other graphics files.

Step 2:  The cutting of parts which are unnecessary and join fragments

  • First of all, you need to slice the video file into segments. They can be as many as you wish
  • Afterward, you are to rotate and then crop the videos. The unwanted or unnecessary segments are to be deleted
  • Finally, join the individual frames or the video clips using over 20 transitions that are stylish

Step 3:  Video quality improvement (this is however optional)

  • Here, first, you are required to make the necessary adjustments to the video sharpness
  • Improve the contrast, brightness and other settings influencing color change
  • Work on stabilization of any video sections that are shaky
  • Some software has the magic enhancement that automatically makes the necessary improvements on the quality of the video
  • Most software have unique applications under this section, therefore, just make a choice on what’s most appealing to you.

Step 4:  Use the software’s special effects and filters

  • Various video editing software programs have numerous special effects. Over 60 plus special effects such as color balance, mosaic, sepia, flying objects, and split screen. All these filters and effects are important in catering to your creative side.

Step 5:  Application of tiles

  • You are to make your tile choice from numerous fonts that are 100 plus
  • You can experiment with the artistic words until you find what suits you most
  • Choose the most suitable size, color and other parameters that are to be reflected in the text
  • Create a very stylish background of the text
  • Rotate the captions in any direction you see fit
  • Create the text animations

Step 6:  Addition of music

  • The needed background sound effects and music can easily be uploaded using formats that are popular such as MP3 and WMA.
  • You can also capture the sound from an electric piano, keyboard or other musical instruments, which are connected to the computer
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Step 7:  Save the edited video file using a convenient format

  • After you are done editing the video. Choose the format you are going to use to save the clip. The formats used to save the audio and video files should be able to play on your laptop or desktop.
  • If you would wish to view the clips on your tablet or smartphone ensure you use the appropriate output preset
  • If you would wish to upload your edited video clip to your Facebook page, YouTube, Vimeo or any other website, follow the right procedure.

There are other features included in the video editing programs. Such special features depending on the type of software you have downloaded. They include;

Creation of slideshows automatically:

This can be done through the selection of photos from a group. Simply click on one button and the software will insert the appropriate transitions automatically. Then simply add the tiles and music, and the footage is complete.

Spectacular visual effects:

Ensure that your videos are stunning using the exceptional “Hollywood” effects. This feature is offered by movavi. For example, you are able to create “matrix” like feeling.

Most of the software programs for video editing in the market have been upgraded. They are now very fast and the videos are edited without any delays.

Before making the decision on which software program you should download, read on the reviews offered on the software site and consult an expert in the field. Use the software appropriately and ensure you update it.

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