What is Computer Cache and How to Clear?

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Many people will advise you to clear your cache and speed up your computer. Some may even tell you it a wise idea to clear cache as it improves your online security. However, most of us will definitely wonder what a computer cache is and how to clear it, if we are not tech-savvy.

Let us understand what is computer cache and how to clear it from the following paragraphs.

What is Cache?

Cache is pronounced as ‘cash’ and not ‘cashay’ or ‘catch’. Cache is defined as a specialized form of computer memory. When you talk about Internet, it is usually the ‘Internet Cache’ that we talk about.

Clear Browsing History

So, what makes cache so special? Well, those who designed browsers assumed that your Internet connection is slow. Or maybe they thought your computer was faster than the Internet. Also, they realized most of the data on websites contains the same elements. For example, an image of the CEO of the company or even the logo of the webpage remains constant every time you open the same website.

The expert designers thought why waste the users time on a slow Internet connection by downloading the same elements on every page which they visit often? It is better to download these elements once and for all and store it on the computer’s hard disk. Thus, next time the user visits a page again, it will be faster to upload the constant elements from the computer hard disk than download it again from the Internet.

Is There a Limit on the Amount of Cache Stored on a Computer?

The cache stored on your computer has certain limit. You can configure the amount of space for storing cache. So, every time the cache gets full, the information that is not used in a while is deleted. Thus, making more room for new information that you start looking for.

How do I Clear Cache?

Deleting cache is usually done when one worries about their privacy. This is usually the case when one uses a public computer and does not want to leave confidential information on the computer. The following steps will help explain how to clear cache in different browsers.

Clearing Cache on Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Tools menu, click Delete Browsing History
  2. Check on the boxes that says Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History
  3. Click Delete

Clearing Cache on Firefox

  1. Go to Select Options
  2. Select Advanced tab
  3. Click Network tab
  4. In Offline Storage, click Clear Now

Clearing Cache in Chrome

  1. Go to History and click on Clear browsing data tab
  2. Click on the Empty the cache box
  3. In the drop-down menu, set it to The beginning of time. This will clear the entire cache
  4. Click Clear browsing data tab
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Once you clear the cache, it means the browser will now download fresh information of every page you visit. The browser will start developing its cache from scratch as it loads and re-loads pages. This was all about what is cache and how to clear it. This information will definitely help clear things up on your end.


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