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Windows Movie Maker (Windows XP) Still a Useful Video Editing Tool: 

For those users who need a free and lightweight video editor that is capable of editing videos the smart way, then the Windows Movie Maker for Windows XP is the right option. As part of the Windows Service Pack 2 update, Windows XP is shipped with Windows Movie Maker, and the latest version is 2.1. Windows Movie Maker is an extremely versatile and intuitive program, which is able to capture and edit videos from DV camcorder.

It has a task pane, which holds your hand right through the editing process thus making it easy for you to add audios, still pictures, transitions, video effects, and titles. With this latest version, it is capable of supporting real time pass-through of the analogue videos thus allowing users for example, to be able to pass videos from their VCR through the DV camcorder, right to their computer without having first to record the video to DV.

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However, note that, not all camcorders will support this feature. Nonetheless, as you become more versed with the tool, you will realize that you are limited in some of the applications because it lacks features such as keyframeable audio levels and adjustable length transitions. All in all, the Windows Movie Maker 2.1 will offer an easy introduction about video editing to the neophytes and beginners especially those who use the Windows XP computers.

Considering that XP is still widely used despite the recent announcement by Microsoft that it was not longer going to support this operating system from end of April 2014, many users will have to cling of the operating system for sometime before they ditch it for other more recent operating systems like Vista and Windows 7. The Windows Movie Maker is a tool that will still remain in use for some time with the Windows XP platform.

When running your Windows XP program, you have many video editing choices, which can range from free tools to advanced paid programs. Considering the cost that come with the high-end video editing tools, it would still make sense to seek for a free or cheaper program that can still offer the editing functions you would want, and this makes the Windows Movie Maker a suitable option for those who do not want spend a lot.

The Movie Maker comes as part of Windows XP package. If you are a user who purchased Windows ZP prior to Service Pack 1, then you could be running Movie Maker 1.1. In order to be able to get the latest version, you simply need to make use of the Windows update feature. The good thing with the Version 2 of Movie Maker is that, it has incorporated competent video editing features that include title options, selection of transitions, and 2-D special effects.

In addition, there is one particularly fun feature that is called AutoMovie, which is able to automatically convert video footage right into MTV like music video by use of some selectable themes to help control the pace and style of the video footage. However, considering it is a free application, it means that Movie Maker may not aspire to compete with some mid range or high-end products.

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