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Enjoy more Fun in Video chats with Cyberlink YouCam:

A webcam effects and manipulation software, Cyberlink YouCam allows users to enjoy more fun in video chats and YouTube video sharing. Considering that all major instant messenger tools support video chats, perhaps what remains is to make the user experience more fun, and this is where Cyberlink YouCam comes in handy. This chat utility comes in two modes where one is used to liven up online live chats and another one is used to add some little extras on to video chats before sharing them online.

With the first mode, users are able to apply effects while they are chatting to their friends. Users can as well add distortion effects in order to make themselves look thinner, bigger, or perhaps plain quirky or weirder. Besides, there are also animated emotion effects that appear like cartoon captions.

The second mode of YouCam is a standalone mode that allows users to make use of their webcams in capturing videos as well as still images and adding effects on them. If you have a video you created, you could directly upload it from the YouCam right to YouTube. Similarly, if you have a film or footage that you would want to share privately, you may as well email it directly to your friends from YouCam.

In both modes, users can have a preview of their masterpieces in real time. This enables them decide whether there are aspects and features they are unhappy about after the effects and filters they have added. This can allow adjustment to be made before sharing the videos or images. With the tool, you could make your own custom avatar with added objects, expressions, and accessories.

There are also particle effects that could be added on to videos and they include things like confetti. A transformation effects allows users to put their face on to other backgrounds or objects, while a distorting effect allows the users to distort themselves. The tool works properly with most of the major instant messaging apps such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, and AOL instant Messenger.

Its monitoring capabilities are helpful in setting up your webcam on a record mode. This can be done at certain times of the day, or whenever something or some motion is detected. The surveillance features brings a set of options such as alerts by email if something is detected. A screen capture is ideal for those who would wish to make their own YouTube video like tutorials. This can be a handy tool for businesses as well as individuals.

You might use the advanced screen capture features to capture entire screen or one parts of the desktop that you are interested with. For more business applications, this tool can be used to import PowerPoint presentations. Besides, users can add in their own videos from their webcams, which could be used by those who wish to make a live-like presentation that hosts the people in the webcam as the narrators. This is also a useful feature for business people.

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One unique feature with the latest version is the convenient face login and log out. With this feature, users do not have to bother about aspects like typing their passwords and user names when they want to log in. All they need is direct their face towards their webcam, and with the face recognition tool, it scans the face, and lets you automatically log on . The same applied for log out. However, YouCam does not detect faces on webcams.

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